Dear parents,
Here’s our weekly update:
Math: We are working on Unit Four ‘Multiplication and division of fractions and decimals’. You can find helpful math tips for the new unit G5 Unit 4 Tips for Parents, G5 Unit 4 Topic E Newsletter. The focus continues to be on a deep conceptual understanding of what happens when we multiply and divide fractions.
Language: We are discussing what makes persuasive speech effective (what is characteristic of the introductions, conclusions and paragraphs in between?). Select students will be presenting their speeches at a KidTalk at the Bolshoi Theatre next week. We recommend watching these videos for inspiration: What’s Wrong with Our Food System, Try Something New for 30 Days & What Adults Can Learn from Kids. We will continue reading historical fiction.
The 7 Habits: Mrs. Hinton visited our classrooms this week to talk about the ‘7 Habits of Happy Kids’ to start preparing our students’ mindsets for their work during PYPex. PYPex will be starting right after we come back from our February Break. Feel free to take a look at t7 Habits Poster that names the habits we discussed and continue the discussion at home.
This week, Grade 5 classes will be visiting the Lights of Moscow museum.We will continue examining how technology advances and how it impacts society. Also, Russian and French classes will have field trips as well.

Best regards,
Grade 5 Team