Dear parents,
Here’s our weekly update:
1. Math: We have started Unit Four ‘Multiplication and division of fractions and decimals’. You can find helpful math tips for the new unit G5 Unit 4 Topic A Newsletter andG5 Unit 4 Tips for Parents. The focus continues to be on a deep conceptual understanding of what happens when we multiply and divide fractions.
2. Language: This week students discussed the difference between a ‘topic’ and an ‘issue’. They practiced writing persuasive texts about several issues outlined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
3. UoI: Our next unit, ‘Where We Are in Place and Time’ has started. This week students talked about what technology and ingenuity is, discussed the timeline of which technologies were invented throughout history and started thinking about technologies they would like to research. The active vocabulary for the new unit can be found here. Students will be researching how we got to now.
Best regards,
Grade 5 Team