Dear parents,
Here’s our weekly update:
1. Math: We are working on Unit Three ‘Addition and Subtraction of Fractions’. You can find helpful math tips for the new unit here and here.
2. UoI: Students continued exploring how changing variables in our inquiry lab activities studying Newton’s Three Laws of Motion. They also conducted their own experiments that focused on observing and studying buoyancy, friction, inertia and momentum. The week after break, students will be working on making Rube Goldberg machines. Students are asked to start bringing in clean household materials to use to build their machines.
3. Visiting Author & Writing: Last week Laurie Halse Anderson, our visiting author, met with Grade 5 students to talk about her books. She presented they way she does research and revisions when working on her historical fiction writing. Laurie mentioned that she never considers her work finished, even after it is published. We hope this could serve as an encouragement to our students who are approaching the final stages of working on their feature articles and getting them ready to be presented on December 18.
Best regards,
Grade 5 Team