Dear parents,
Here’s our weekly update:
1. Math: We have started Unit Three ‘Addition and Subtraction of Fractions’. You can find helpful math tips for the new unit G5 Unit 3 Tips for Parents and Topic A.

2. Language: Students have started working on the feature articles that they will present and share with all other Grade 5 students on Wednesday, December 18. Students continue reading nonfiction focusing The Big Questions, “What surprised me,” “What did the author think I already knew,” and “What challenged or confirmed what I already knew,” and Sign Posts, number and stats, contrasts and contradictions, and quoted words, extreme language, and word gaps.

3. UoI: This week students continued exploring how changing variables in The Roller Coaster game can change the outcome of the roller coaster’s movement based on changing variables. They also conducted their own experiments that focused on observing and studying buoyancy, friction, inertia and momentum in our Science Lab.

4. Please help Taganka by bringing in your donation bags.
Best regards,
Grade 5 Team