Back after a relaxing April break!! Grade 5 will be bustling with activity this week. Students have (mostly) completed research and sorted out their learning. Big understandings have emerged and students have drafted how they will present their findings. Going further in the inquiry cycle, students are now busy revising pieces for presentation and getting ready for the big exhibition.

CaptureThis week, groups finalize their plans for the layout of their booths and choose appropriate artifacts to be displayed to share their learning and understanding. In preparing for the exhibition, students are encouraged to consider a range of audiences – knowing that the entire school community will be coming, from Kindergarten through High School and including parents.

Students also have an option to do a performance, demonstration, visual or interactive piece on their passion on the day of Exhibition. These can be individual or done together with another student/group of students. If they decide to go for a performance, students will have to plan and practice this week. If your child has chosen options other than performance, these should be completed this week also.

Like in earlier weeks, the students have been given goals for this week to help them use their time efficiently and stay focused.