jelly beans

This past week has been terrific watching students show so much interest, enthusiasm and commitment in their work – both independently and collaboratively. Classrooms and halls are buzzing with groups meeting mentors, carrying out interviews and surveys, sharing and consolidating “big understandings”, giving and receiving feedback on work done and visiting the library for research.

Now that the students have completed the bulk of their research, they will be moving on to the “sorting out” phase of the inquiry cycle. Their main focus for students this week is deciding how they will share their learning. They will be considering audience and purpose when planning their presentation pieces. Possible formats for sharing their newly gained knowledge may include; writing pieces, slideshows, photo montage, videos, audios, infographics, posters, timelines, interactive activity and many more. Classroom time will be given to work on these presentation pieces and it will also be the focus for homework this week.

Students will “sort out” their information by identifying their big understandings that connect to the central idea, lines of inquiry and guiding questions. At the same time research may continue if they find “holes” in their research and require further information. During this week, surveys, interviews, Skype calls, museum visits, etc. will continue.

We are all looking forward to seeing you at the Student Led Conferences on Wednesday. It will be a great opportunity for all students to show their overall growth throughout the year and their exhibition unit progress. Please check out the link to this week’s student goals list.