On Friday students met with their Exhibition teams for the first time. After sharing their personal histories of their passions, they discussed the strengths each brings to the team. Students also shared their personal goals for growth during the exhibition and how their team might support them in reaching their goals.

Earlier today, students participated in team building activities hosted by the PE department. These were meant to help build trust and cooperation between team members and develop team problem solving strategies. And they were fun!

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This week, the students will receive their Exhibition binders, which is a catch-all tool for supporting student work throughout this project. Be sure to ask to take a look at it when they bring it home.  It has a number of reference pieces and templates for some of the work we will be doing.  It also has organizers to help them manage their various responsibilities and ensure they are meeting expectations. All of these documents have also been shared with your child electronically.

As promised, we will be posting the expectations list, Student Weekly Goals, for each week here on the Grade 5 Blog.  Students will also have a hard copy in their binders and a digital copy in their Google Docs online.  This list of weekly expectations includes both what students will be working on during the school day, as well as what they should be working on at home. The expectation is that students spend about 20-30 minutes each evening focused on their inquiry. This may extend into their required daily reading time, if reading is part of the inquiry work they are doing. If your child is not sure what he/she could be working on, please refer him/her first to this weekly document. (Let your child’s homeroom teacher know if you have any difficulty accessing this link.)

Below is a list of all the passions being investigated during this year’s inquiry. If you can suggest any firsthand sources for research (such as experts who may be interviewed and locations that might be visited for students to learn more about their passions) please share this information with your child’s teacher, who will pass the information to the relevant student .

Be sure to take time to ask your child questions about her/his passion and the work and thinking she/he is doing daily, if possible!  Thanks always for your support!

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