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A Message from Mr. Wolf for Band Students

The band concert is this coming Thursday, May, 31st, at 6pm (1800).

· Fifth Grade Band students will not go home after school on Thursday. They should go to the S. Cafeteria after school (by 3:45) -(If they have an ASA, they can go to that if they have let Mr. Wolf know about the ASA in a written note or email, and then join for pizza at 4:30ish or 5 at the latest).
· They should bring (not wear) their formal uniforms that day. Formal uniforms includes completely black shoes, as outlined on the school website.
· They’ll be supervised in the S Cafeteria and fed pizza/snacks
· They’ll be given time after pizza to change into formal uniforms
· It is school policy (and part of the grade) that students will stay through until the end of the concert. They only get two opportunities per year to observe the other bands play, and watching older musicians is an important part of the formative process.
If parents need to leave right after the fifth grade performance, it is expected that they will find separate transportation for fifth grade students once the concert is completed. The concert should end a little before or after 7:20. In the rare case that a fifth grade student needs to leave right after their own performance, please submit a request in advance of the concert date detailing why. adam.wolf@aas.ru

We have worked hard and are very excited to present a few of the pieces we have learned!

Thank you,
Mr. Wolf