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What’s Happening in Grade 4

Dear Parents,Image result for Holiday concert

Thank you for coming to the Holiday Concert yesterday. If you were not able to make it, please click on the link below to watch it. 


Unit of Inquiry/Reading/Writing

We have started our units in Reading, Writing and Unit of Inquiry. Students have been busy and are in the early stages of researching, note taking, reading and writing articles related to energy. They will be sharing their learning journey with you dImage result for energy cliparturing our Grade 4 Expo.

Unit of Inquiry Central Idea.Understanding how energy is used, transferred, and stored promotes innovation.

Writing Big Idea: Authors investigate a topic and structure their writing to inform their reader.  

Reading Big Idea:  Using a variety of skills and strategies, readers read nonfiction to learn about the real world (a real experience, person, an idea or a belief). 

Math: Mathematicians develop more efficient strategies for solving problems through noticing patterns and repeated reasoning.Image result for division and multiplication

Students have been using their place value understanding and visual representations to solve multiplication and division problems with multi-digit numbers. This unit unit moves slowly but comprehensively to develop students’ ability to reason about the methods and models they choose to solve problems with multi-digit factors and dividends.

Click on the links to know how you can help at home:

G4 Unit 3 Topic A Newsletter (1) G4 Unit 3 Topic B Newsletter (1) G4 Unit 3 Topic C Newsletter (1) G4 Unit 3 Topic D Newsletter (1) G4 Unit 3 Topic E Newsletter G4 Unit 3 Topic F Newsletter G4 Unit 3 Topic G Newsletter G4 Unit 3 Topic H Newsletter


Ice Skating


Starts right after the Winter Break on January 13

WHO: All ES students ice skate (Pre-k through grade 5) 

During your PE class 

(Please have your child’s name on all skating clothing)
Ice Skates Easily put on by themselves, fit, sharpened (prefer Non Lacing PreK – Grade 2)
Snow pants
Winter coat
Winter Gloves
Hood on coat (for under helmet, no Hats)
Strong non-tear bag for skates, the school store sells ice-skate bags in PTO store
–>Piece of cloth or small towel to dry metal blades clean after skating 

• A helmet with face-guard  (NO bicycle helmet or helmets without a face guard)
–>Students may bring their own ice hockey helmets with face guards.

SKATE TRY ON DURING PE: December 11th-18th (Students bring skates to school and put them on by themselves!)

INFO FOR NEW STUDENTS: https://goo.gl/6WbJ61                                                                             


AAS PTO New Book Fair 2019

The Book Fair is being held in the Malyy Theatre from Tuesday 10th December to Thursday 12th December, 2019.

The goal of the book fair is to sell all the books we’ve bought, so the selection of books is better earlier and thinner later.  

During the week preceding the fair, teachers will be given zip bags for students to take home with instructions for parents. Parents will be invited to place money in the bag and to return it to school, on the first day of the fair, for their child to buy books during the class visit to the fair.

 Opening hours of the New Book Fair:

Tuesday 10th of December 8:30 – 16:30 pm
Wednesday 11th of December 9:00 – 17:00 pm
Thursday 12th of December 8.30 am – 16:30 pm

Please send money in zip bags.

If you have any questions, please contact pto.newbooks@aas.ru 

Thank you!


ES Drama 2020 for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade 

The ES Drama team will be holding auditions this year on Thursday, December 5th and Friday, December 6th. There are only 30 spaces available for the 2020 ES Drama musical and, therefore, there will be only 30 spaces available for auditions. 

Please read this IMPORTANT PARTICIPATION INFORMATION before considering signing up for an ES Drama audition. 

Parents: We hope that only students seriously interested in performing in a musical will sign up for an audition. Please do not sign up your child for an audition without speaking to him/her first and ensuring this is something she/he wants to commit to doing for 12 weeks. 

The ES Drama team will assign a role to each of the 30 students who audition based on the consideration that everybody who signs up for an audition is someone who is serious about making the commitment to being a part of our show. 

Audition sign-ups will be coming out through Time Center, the same method used for signing up for Parent-Student-Teacher conferences. Look for this information in a message on the morning of Friday, November 29th, at 10:00 A.M.   

VERY IMPORTANT: If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent a student from attending an audition on December 5th or 6th, then please sign-up for one of these audition days/times anyway and contact Ms. Cevallos (kristina.cevallos@aas.ru). We will not open auditions up to those who have not signed up (we can only take 30 students), but we will work on rescheduling with those who have signed up for an audition who are unable to make it on one of those days. 

We are looking forward to creating a wonderful musical production with our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade thespians!

Warm regards, 

The ES Drama Team

Kristina Cevallos, Pol Sembrano, Anastasia (Nastya) Antonik, and Jeff Hinton 


Come join us next week for our 4th Grade Assembly! Some students from 4th Grade will be presenting their work to the Grade 4s and 5s. The Assembly starts at 8.45am. Swing by if you can!

Today the students are taking home their decorated Taganka bags. Here is a message from Student Council.

It has been a big part of the AAS holiday tradition to support the children of Taganka every holiday season. 

As a CARING community,  we would like to continue to donate Christmas gifts to the Taganka Foundation which is an organization that supports children with special needs,  troubled teenagers and families who need social and emotional support. We have been supporting the foundation since 1991. 
Students are asked to bring their filled bags back to school by December 17th. Student Council representatives will collect the bags from classes each day. 
We encourage students to bring these new items:


  • Winter Hat
  • Scarf
  • Gloves or mittens
  • Toys
  • Books in Russian
  • Christmas Candy
  • Art supplies
  • Personalised cards made by students


These items should represent the age or grade level of your student. Student Council thanks you in advance for your support! 

We are starting a new non-fiction writing unit next week. Our big idea is:

Authors investigate a topic and structure their writing to inform their reader.

Our writing unit will connect to our ‘How the World Works’ unit of Inquiry on energy and energy innovations. Students will create an online newspaper to share their understandings from the unit.

Our guiding questions are as follows:

How do authors pick a topic?
How do authors decide what (content) to include in their writing piece?
How do they organize their information?
Why do authors write informational pieces? (purpose and audience)
How do text features support the text?



What’s Coming up?

Dear Parents,

Unit of Inquiry

Image result for energy

We will be  starting our next unit of inquiry next week, How the World Works. The central idea of this unit is Understanding how energy is used, transferred, and stored promotes innovation. We will be inquiring into: 

  • different energy sources
  • how energy is converted, transferred, and used
  • technological advances in energy

We would love to have parent volunteers especially if you have experience with this field. Please let your child’s teacher know if you are available to come speak.


Image result for division and multiplication

We have started our third unit in Math – Multi-digit multiplication and division. The central idea of this unit is: Mathematicians develop more efficient strategies for solving problems through noticing patterns and repeated reasoning. We will be inquiring into:

  • interpreting properties of multiplication and division
  • strategies for multiplication and division 
  • representing problems

Essential Questions:

  • How can I multiply multi digit numbers? 
  • What is the relationship between multiplication and division? 
  • What do you do with the remainder? 
  • What are some division strategies? 
  • What is the relationship between area and perimeter? 
  • How can I determine area? 
  • How can I represent an unknown quantity in an expression or an equation? 
  • How can I use estimation and mental math to make sure my answer is correct?
  • How can the reasonableness of a solution be determined?
  • How can I develop my fluency with factors and multiples – to support my work with calculations and noticing patterns?

These are the topics we will be focusing on in the next few weeks:


Image result for Non fiction signposts


Reading: Students continue their learning about the different Non-fiction Signpost and are beginning to have a deeper understanding through reading articles which are related to our Migration unit.




Writing: Students are definitely enjoying our Persuasive writing unit. They are learning to use the different persuasive writing techniques that we are learning in class.

Persuasive techniques:

  • Anecdote/Small moment
  • Expert – who is an expert, how do we know we can use this expert, does what they say back my point
  • Groups of 3 – alliteration, using powerful words to stick in readers’ minds
  • Repetition: use the same words over and over
  • Emotive language (Powerful/thoughtful/accurate/ words)
  • Facts/evidence – how do you know it’s a fact?
  • Questions – how and when to use a question – what are you asking your reader to do with this question?
  • Exaggeration (Hyperbole) exaggerated language used for effect

The big idea of this unit is that People can use writing to influence the thinking and/or actions of others. 

Guiding Questions:

  • Why do writers want to persuade?
  • How do writers of persuasive pieces develop their topics?
  • What techniques do writers use to persuade?
  • How do writers consider their audience in their writing?
  • What is the difference between expressing an opinion and persuading?
Message from the librarians:
The theme for our newest library bulletin board is “The Greatest Gift: Books!” Do you have any pictures of your son or daughter opening a book present? If so please send it to library@aas.ru so that we can include it on our board. Thank you!
Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences (Message from our Principals: Mr. Hinton, Mr. Burnett, and Ms. Villiers)
Image result for parent teacher student conference
Our Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences are coming soon on Thursday, November 28. You will soon receive an email with directions on how to sign-up for conferences. Sign-ups will begin on Thursday,  November 14. Your child will play an essential role in this conference. We strongly believe that children learn best when they reflect on our experiences. Our students need to know that learning is something they do as opposed to something that is done to them. This type of conference allows your child to showcase their understanding and their learning journey. Three-Way Conferences provide students with the opportunity to take control of their learning by becoming independent and self-directed learners. Please note that teachers will also be sharing your child’s achievements during this conference.
During the conferences, students are responsible for sharing a variety of work and learning engagements. Your child will lead you through discussions about personal, social, and academic achievements and progress. Your role as a parent is to be an active listener and help assist your child with their learning journey reflection and their next steps.
We look forward to seeing you and your child on November 28.

Is It Really November 1st Already?!?!

Dear Fourth Grade Parents,

Welcome to November!

Over the next couple of weeks, students will begin (or continue learning) about the Design Thinking Process by doing a “rapid cycle challenge.” We need your help! Please have your student bring in any of the following recyclable materials you have at home:

  • cereal boxes
  • egg cartons
  • empty tissue boxes
  • toilet paper rolls
  • paper towel rolls
  • plastic containers (washed and dried)
  • plastic tubes/pipes
  • used bubble wrap
  • used bottle caps
  • corks
  • used (but clean) tin foil
  • used foam pieces (any sizes or shapes)

Please continue to save and send these items in with your students until December

As mentioned in this week’s newsletter, the AAS Food Drive began this week. Please send in any food donations you can with your student. Bins have been placed in front of each divisional office. This food drive will help benefit the Noy House here in Moscow. For more information, please take a look at this presentation. For any questions or concerns, please contact Jessica Long (jessica.long@aas.ru).

Winter has arrived in Moscow, eeeekkk!!!  It is imperative that your son/daughter come with the appropriate clothing, especially with this recent snow! As stated in the AAS Family Handbook:

Recess is spent outside, under supervision of the school faculty members and the Playground Supervisor. Warm and appropriate outdoor clothing and boots are imperative. There are three recess periods, one each for grades PK-1; 2-3; 4-5. A second recess is given to the students in conjunction with their lunchtime. With the limited winter daylight hours and long commutes for many students, the school feels it is important for students to be outside as much as possible. Unless below -18C (or windy between -15C and -18C) or raining, students are sent outside. If the student is well enough to attend school, it is the school policy that he/she should go out for his/her outdoor recesses. Exceptions are made only under extreme circumstances.

Hands, legs, ears and feet should be covered outside during the winter as temperatures can go as low as -30 degrees Centigrade (-22 degrees Fahrenheit). Boots should be warm and waterproof. Jackets and snow pants or snowsuits are essential as early as October. Sturdy rainwear and lighter rain/mud boots are also necessary in the fall and spring. It is highly recommended that clothing and personal articles be labeled with your child’s name and homeroom teacher’s initials.

A special thanks to all the room parents for making today EXTRA special. Students had a great time at today’s class party and it wouldn’t have been possible without their leadership and support. We were so amazed by everyone’s level of participation. Please enjoy some pictures from the day.

We thank you in advance for your continued help and support. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to your child’s homeroom teacher.

Kind regards,
G4 Team

Nonfiction Reading Unit

Image result for non fiction

After the break, the students will be starting a Nonfiction reading unit.

The big idea is:

Using a variety of skills and strategies, readers read nonfiction to learn about the real world. 

We will be focusing on the following:

  • What is nonfiction?
  • Why do we read nonfiction?
  • How and why do readers use nonfiction to investigate/research?
  • Why do readers read more than one piece about the same topic?
  • What reading strategies are used to understand nonfiction?

Students will also be introduced to the Nonfiction Signposts, which help them establish a deeper understanding of a text. Below are the signposts that we will look at in the first few weeks.

Image result for non fictions sign posts

Student Council Update

Dear Parents,

Thank you to a few teachers and parents who have given us some feedback about StuCo this year. As we have mentioned earlier, we are really focusing on student agency. We feel that it is very important to allow students to take ownership of their club. Although it is different this year and perhaps could look a little disorganized and messy, students will definitely learn from this experience and hopefully thrive by the end of the year. One thing we will try to do is share out our weekly agenda so you are aware of what is going on in student council.
Here is the link to our running agenda.
ES Assembly Dates 2019-2020
Student Council Assembly Dates 2019-2020
Grade (Present)
Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units
Sept. 30th
(G4-5) G5
Grade 5
Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
9th Oct 
(G2-3) G3
Grade 3
Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
18th Oct 
(PK-1) G1
Grade 1
Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
31st Oct
Teachers/admin and students
Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
25th Nov 
(G4-5) G4
Grade 4
Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
16th  Dec 
(G2-3) G2
Grade 2
Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
16th Jan 
(PK-G1) K
Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
24th Jan 
(G4-5) G5
Grade 5
Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
25th Feb 
(G2-G3) G3
Grade 3
Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
18th Mar 
Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
23rd  Apr 
(G4-G5) G4
Grade 4
Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
6th May
(G2-G3) G2
Grade 2
Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
21st  May 
(PK-G1) G1
Grade 1
Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
Upcoming Spirit Day(s)
  • Thursday, October 31st – tHalloween
  • Friday, November 1st – School-wide Penguin Spirit day (Black and White) to support Ceesa Players
StuCo Committees 
 Committees (1st Semester October – January) 2019-2020 
Grade 2     Grade 3    Grade 4     Grade 5
Helping Hands
Homeless, Needy
Community Builders
Cafeteria, Recess, Playground
Assembly Committee 

Spirit Committee
Spirit Day publicity
ECO Green
Memo/Alen/Alex G. 
Ava/Alex A.

Week 7 Happenings

Image result for math news clipart


We have started our second unit in Math. The central idea for this unit is Systems for measurement and data collection allow mathematicians to solve problems and share findings.

The Lines of Inquiry are:


  • measurement and data collection
  • the relationship between the decimal system and the metric system
  • converting measurements to solve real-world problems


Here’s how you can help at home.

G4 Unit 2 Topic A Newsletter

G4 Unit 2 Topic B Newsletter

Unit of Inquiry

Image result for migration clipart

We spent this short week introducing our 2nd unit of Inquiry, Where We are in Place and time. As part of our provocation activity, students were given choices on what activities they would like to participate in. They were then asked to reflect on their experience.

  • What happened?
  • How did you feel during the provocation?
  • How did you feel after the provocation?
  • Why did we do it?

Students will be recording and reflecting on their thinking throughout the unit using Book Creator. We will also be reading the book, Refugee in class. This is available on https://www.getepic.com/ at school.  This is just one of the resources for students to have a better understanding of the unit.

Message from the PTO:
The PTO Elementary School Craft Fair is coming this Saturday, October 12th, from 12:00-3:00 pm in the South Cafeteria and Student Lounge.  This is always a very popular event for our ES students, who get the opportunity to make lots of different crafts in one afternoon.  We invite all ES families to attend.

In addition, the Craft Fair is a volunteer-run even and we are still looking for parents to assist on the day.  No experience or crafting abilities are needed!  Hoping you can support this event, our PTO and our Community at AAS, by signing up being a volunteer. Here is the link to sign up:  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0f4eaead2da2f94-craft1

Many thanks from your PTO Craft Fair Team!

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