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Message from the Health Office

Elementary School Health Screening Starts October 14h: Healthy Children Learn Better!

This consists of height/weight, vision and hearing testing. If your child wears glasses, please make sure they have them at school the day of screening. Students who are absent when their classes are scheduled will be individually screened at a later date. In cases where referral is needed, a letter will be email to the parents the student. It will also include a form with the student’s test results for the physician or other follow-up care provider to fill out. These forms should be completed and then returned to the school health office once the student has been seen.

If parents do not wish to have their children screened, they should notify the Health Office prior to the scheduled date of screening. Health screening is done privately and the results will be kept in your child’s school health record. The purpose of this screening program is to address the need to reduce the illness and associated academic failure from vision and/or hearing defects through early detection, referral and intervention, to give you information about your child’s health and well-being, and to increase community awareness of healthy eating and active living.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 231-4488 ext. 3911, or e-mail us at

It’s HAPPENING in Grade 4!

Home LearningImage result for Home learning clip art

Home learning will start TODAY, Friday, August 30th and will be assigned via Google Classroom every Friday. It will be due the following Friday. We have begun teaching students how to upload their thinking (written or electronic forms). Should there be any questions, Ms. Klosinski is available each morning at 8am to help troubleshoot. Please send her an email ( the night before if you will be coming in for help.


Message from the PTO:

Call for ClassRoom Parents!

Signup for Class Parents will begin this week on Wednesday, August 28.  We will use the same process as last year. There will be a SignUp Genius link in Wednesday newsletter.  Interested parents should click the link and enter their names and contact information on the SignUp Genius form.  The first two parents to sign up will become the Class Parents for each class. Note that the form only allows two parents to sign up.  We find that having two parents provides flexibility without overly complicating coordination. If this causes an issue in your class, please contact me to work it out.

Message from Art (Ms. Arnold)  

The ES art dept is looking for lots of interesting objects to draw. We would love any of your junk which has an interesting shape, texture or light/dark. Examples: shells, stones, toys, teddies, old/cheap jewellery, dried or plastic flowers/leaves/fruit, old machinery parts, nuts/bolts … (not too much bigger than your hand). We are also seeking materials which could be used for construction/3D junk modelling, such as toilet rolls, bottle caps, plastic food containers (cleaned), small boxes etc. Please forward to us in Room 3006 (the art room). With many thanks!

Math Message 

Please see the attached newsletters on how you can help your student with our first math unit. 

G4 Unit 1 Topic A Newsletter

G4 Unit 1 Topic B Newsletter

G4 Unit 1 Topic C Newsletter (1)

G4 Unit 1 Topic C Newsletter

G4 Unit 1 Topic D Newsletter

G4 Unit 1 Topic E Newsletter

G4 Unit 1 Topic F Newsletter

Unit of Inquiry – Who We Are

Who We Are

Transdisciplinary Theme: Who We Are
An inquiry into the nature of the self; beliefs and values; personal, physical, mental, social and spiritual health; human relationships including families, friends, communities and cultures; rights and responsibilities; what it means to be human.

Central Idea
Exploring beliefs and values of a community builds an understanding of diversity.

Lines of Inquiry
– the beliefs and values in our community
– how people form their beliefs and values
– how does exploring beliefs and values develop an understanding of diversity

Form, perspective, connection (reflection embedded throughout)

Learner Profile Attributes
Thinker, open-minded

Global awareness

At Home Reinforcement
Words you might translate into mother tongue for your child:

beliefs, values, community, diversity, culture

Discussions you might have with your child:

  • what beliefs and values you and your family hold and what is their root
  • what communities are you, your child and your family a part of
  • how do my beliefs and values connect you to your community
  • how do I gain an understanding of the beliefs and values of other people

Victory Day

Victory Day is a very big holiday in Russia to celebrate the sacrifices made by men and women during World War II to protect their homeland.  AAS 4th Grade Russian students learn about the Victory Day celebrations and learn some of the famous Russian songs from this era.  We got to enjoy a concert by a chorus of some of these World War II veterans, and then performed some of these songs for the elementary assembly.  We hope you will enjoy our efforts below…

Unit of Inquiry- “Who We Are”

4th Graders are hard at work wrapping up our current unit of inquiry–“Who We Are”.  We are exploring the central idea, “Beliefs and values are influenced by and affect who we are”, specifically thinking about:

  • Where beliefs and values come from
  • World religions
  • How beliefs are connected to cultural identity

We took an enjoyable trip to Victory Park and got to see and tour the buildings of three major religions:  A Jewish synagogue, an Orthodox church, and a Muslim mosque.  We are researching and finding out some of the common themes in major world religions.  Some students have chosen to research some of the lesser known belief systems.  We will also create a creed of our own personal beliefs and values.  It’s an interesting unit that has students thinking deeply about their own beliefs.

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