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January 27th-31st 4th Grade News

Yearbook Make-up photos:

The photographer will be here on Tuesday and Wednesday, January 28th and 29th to take make-up photos for any new students, students who joined us after the fall photos, or anyone else who was absent during yearbook photos.   Please send your child in his or her formal uniform on Tuesday or Wednesday.  He/she is welcome to change into their regular school clothes after they get their photo made.

Class News:

Literacy – Students should by now be experts on Energy as they have been reading a plethora of non-fiction articles about forms and sources of energy, as well as energy innovations.  Students are using their reading skills to identify main idea and supporting details and take notes in their own words.  This research is then turned into an Informational Article in writing.  We are working hard to have these ready before our big Expo Day!

Math – Students are close to wrapping up our unit on multiplication and division and should be taking/reporting back on their End of Unit test within the next week or so.  That will take us into Unit Four, a geometry unit on Angle Measure and Plane Figures.  A unit overview is available here.

UOI – We continue our investigation into how Energy is used and transformed.  We look at sustainable and unsustainable sources of energy, as well as how energy can be transformed for our uses.  You will find out all about it at our EXPO on Friday, February 14th.

In other news, winter just has not cooperated with us this year.  Due to lack of snow and soggy fields, it has been decided to cancel our winter sports day.

70th Anniversary Week!

Our 70th Anniversary week starts tomorrow, Monday, the 7th of October. We appreciate your efforts in creating opportunities for AAS students to reflect on our past, present, and future. On Friday, October 11, students will engage in an afternoon of 70th celebration activities designed for each division. In addition, this week, our cafeteria will have special anniversary treats and menu items, while the student councils agreed to host five dress-up days this week.

Monday (October 7): 1940s and 1950s
Tuesday (October 8): 1960s and 1970s
Wednesday (October 9): Pinktober (wear pink to promote awareness of cancer)
Thursday (October 10): 1980s and 1990s
Friday (October 11): 2000s and 2010s

Students may wear an international costume on any of these days representing the many nationalities attending AAS.

Students may wear their uniform on any of these days.

For each Pinktober Wednesday starting this week on the 9th of October, staff can dress down, ie..wear jeans, along with their pink. Embrace and support this important student led awareness effort and remind those who are in your life to take care of their health!

4th grade news Week of September 27

Dear Parents,

Here we are nearly to October!  It goes so fast!  First of all, we’d like to remind you that there is no school for students on Thursday, October 3rd and Friday, October 4th.  Teachers will be attending a PYP training on Student Agency.  In light of the short week, the homework coming out this Friday will be a little “beefed up” to cover the longer time span. The homework will not be due until the following Friday, October 11th.  We will include time to spend working on students’ personal goals.

Unit of Inquiry

We are wrapping up our “Who We Are” unit this week.  Students are creating individual projects on the topic of Diversity.  We hope to have some good examples to display around the school or show on the school screens or at the International Fair. Our next unit will be “Where We Are in Place and Time”. Students will be investigating the topic of Migration, which is a very timely topic and a personal connection for most students.  Beginning with a provocation to simulate a forced migration, some students will come home having enjoyed the activity, some students will not have enjoyed it, but it is guaranteed to spark discussion. Students will continually draw from the experience and make connections as we go through the unit.


Our next reading unit will be non-fiction reading and some important skills to go along with that include finding the main idea and supporting details, using text features to enhance understanding, and learning to synthesize information into our own words. This will set students up to become successful researchers.  Our writing unit will be on persuasive writing, so get ready for all the requests for dogs and cats, which seems to be a popular topic with fourth graders!


We are wrapping up our place value unit with addition and subtraction and understanding story problems, including modeling with the use of tape diagrams.  Following that is our very short unit on converting metric measurement, which ties in very nicely with the place value understanding the students have been developing.

Thank you for sticking with me this long and I will close with a message from our librarians!

Message from Library


We are looking for pictures of kids dressed-up as book characters for our Halloween bulletin board. If you have a sweet (or scary) picture to share please send it to Thank you!

-Kris Feller


Welcome to Grade 4! 2019-2020


Dear Parents,


The Grade 4 Team is looking forward to a great year with your child! We would like to highlight the following items as school starts. 


  • On the first day of school, students should arrive at their classrooms between 8:25 – 8:30 am. 
  • After the first day of school, students who arrive before 8:20 am should go to the playground until the morning bell rings. (before 9:05 am on late start)
  • The playground will be supervised from 8:00 am (8:50 am on Wednesdays). 
  • A bell will be rung on the playground at 8:25 am (late Start – 9:10 am). This is a signal for the children to line up.
  • Instruction begins immediately.  Please be on time.  Students will be counted as tardy after 8:30 am (9:15 am on Wednesdays).


  • Call the office at 231-4482 before 9:00 am to report your child’s absence.
  • If your child will arrive after 8:30 am, go directly to the office to report tardiness and collect a late pass before your child joins the class. This ensures that your child will be marked tardy rather than absent.


  • Please provide a healthy snack and a spill-proof water bottle daily.  Fruit, vegetables, cheese, juice and yoghurts/yoghurt drinks are a few suggestions.
  • Note that microwaving and refrigeration are not available.



  • Payments can be made through the school website.


 Uniform/Extra Clothing

  • Clearly label your child’s uniform with their name and class.
  • PE Uniform – red AAS PE top and bottom (navy blue or black shorts/tracksuit). Children will have PE two times per week, beginning the first week of school.


Outdoor Clothing

  • We go outside at least twice a day every day.  Individual children may not stay indoors during recess if everyone else is outdoors. Please prepare your child for our changeable Moscow weather by sending appropriate outdoor clothing, including rain gear and boots when needed.


Indoor/Outdoor Shoes

  • Each child is requested to have a pair of “indoor shoes” to be kept at school.
  • “Indoor shoes” are worn in the school building and should be non-slip and suitable for PE.  No sandals, please.
  • “Outdoor shoes” are worn when arriving and departing, during recess and outdoor PE activities.  They should be suitable for the weather.


Foreign Language

  • This year three languages are on offer to your child: Russian, French or Spanish. They will have three World Language lessons per week. If you are a new family, please choose which language you would like your child to learn and let me know. 



  • Swimming will start the first week with safety walkthroughs. Please read the attached letter from the Aquatics Department.  We will need a few parents each week to help with changing. More information will be provided.



Students will be dismissed at 3:30 pm.

  • Please make sure that we know who will be picking up your child or if he/she is riding a bus.
  • Please note that the learning space outside the classrooms is for student use and there will often be groups occupying this space up to the end of the day. This is not a pick up zone. 
  • Please be prompt in meeting your child after school to avoid undue anxiety on the part of your child. Have a plan for where to meet. After 3:40 pm children who have not been picked up will be taken to the office.
  • Please write a note (paper or e-mail) if there are any changes in dismissal routine. If written notice is not received, your child will not be permitted to leave with anyone but the designated driver, nanny or parent. Thank you!


We are looking forward to a fun year of learning together in Fourth Grade!  


Warm Regards,


The Grade 4 Team

2019-20 Swimming News

Dear Parents,

My name is Kirby Boychuk and I am proud to be the Athletics Director at the Anglo-American School of Moscow. Myself and the Aquatics Staff (Dmitry Demin, Alexey Shegay, Tatiana Goncharenko, Yulia Tregubova and David Ismailov) are looking forward to the school year and having the students in the swimming pool.

 Pre-Kindergarten – 5th Grade students will be given an orientation of the swimming pool during for their first swimming lesson of the school year.. Students need to be ready to get into the water for swimming classes for their second swimming lesson of the school year. Please note your child’s weekly swimming class on his/her individual class schedule provided by the teacher.

Swimming is a required part of the elementary curriculum. Parents need to familiarize themselves with the new ES 6 Day (Week A/B) schedule in order to ensure your child is prepared for swimming on their specific day.


  • Swimming “kits” should include:


      • swim suit (one piece for girls)
      • towel
      • goggles
      • A swim cap is recommended for those with long hair
      • Pool shoes (flip-flops or crocs). For health and safety reasons, swimmers are required to wear proper deck shoes in the locker room and on the pool deck.


  • Other Needs


      • Please label all personal swimming gear with your child’s name.  
      • Swimmers with hair long enough to be tied back are required to use a hair tie or a swim cap. 


  • AAS Swim Program Objectives


    • allow students to become comfortable and more confident in and around the water.  
    • learn basic water safety, 
    • lead the students through a variety of water games and activities, 
    • have fun and enjoy the water.  
    • Basic swimming techniques and strokes will also be taught throughout the year. 

Our swimming instructors are American Red Cross certified and all have experience and extensive knowledge in teaching swimming.  In addition, swimming classes will be under the supervision of an American Red Cross-certified Lifeguard at all times. 

Feel free to contact me for additional questions regarding our program.

Thank you,

Kirby Boychuk  M.AA., M.Ed.

Note:  Your child’s 4th grade teacher will be letting you know his/her swimming day.

Don’t be part of the summer slide!


Most fourth graders gained 2, 3, or more reading levels this year.  But we want our students to keep these gains over the summer, right?  And what makes us better at anything we do?  Practice!  Please help your child practice by establishing a routine of reading at least 20 minutes per day, every day.  Here is a list of excellent books organized by Fountas and Pinnell reading levels, and another list of favorite fourth grade reads put together by students in Ms. Lewis’s class.  If your child prefers nonfiction, Newsela is a good source of age-appropriate nonfiction articles, and students can adust the level of difficulty on each article to their “just right” level.   They can log in with their school google login. Thank you!  And happy summer reading!  If you are coming back next year, the AAS library will allow you to check out a nice stack of books for the summer!

Summer Sports Day Rescheduled

The Upper Elementary Summer Sports Day was rained out on Friday. The resilient grade four teachers offered a variety of activities in our classrooms instead. Sports Day has been rescheduled for Monday, June 17th starting at 1:30. Team colors will remain the same for Monday. Fingers crossed for good weather!

More than Comic Books

Fourth Grade has just wrapped up our latest literacy unit…Graphic Novels.  No longer just comics, Graphic novels have decidedly crossed over into the literary mainstream.  Many classic children’s novels have been remade into graphic format, bringing some of the “old” classics into a format that modern children enjoy.  And they seem to be here to stay.

Because of the fast pace of graphic novels, we learned that making inferences was an important skill to have to understand graphic novels as they jump from one scene to the next.  We learned to use the context clues such as how facial expressions and gestures combine with speech and thought to help us understand the character; formatting of panels to show movement, time and place; onomatopoeia to show sound effects.  We participated in book clubs to discuss these and many of the story elements in our graphic novels.

Students then applied the lessons learned from their graphic novel reading to create their own comics.  It was a highly engaging unit that the fourth graders not only learned from, but enjoyed.


MAP Testing

Did you know a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast are the best ways to prepare for MAP testing? MAP tests are just one of the many tools for assessment utilized at AAS. Fourth grade teachers consider MAP tests to be a snapshot of a child’s learning. Many factors can affect the numbers on a MAP test so they are considered to be only one of many tools used to monitor your child’s progress. 4th Graders will be participating in MAP testing on the following dates and times:

Math – Mon. Sept 17, 11:15-12:40;
Reading – Mon. Sept 24, 11:15 – 12:40;
Language Usage – Wednesday Sept 26, 11:15 – 12:40.

That Busy Time of Year!

4th Grade is still hard at work as we progress through our last units of the year. In Literacy, we are expanding our skills in Visual Literacy. Students are looking at all sorts of visual literacy–infographics, memes, photo essays, mind maps, graphic organizers and the messages conveyed in these forms of media, as well as trying their own hands at a few of these forms of media. Our Unit of Inquiry theme of “How We Express Ourselves” meshes well with this as we look at the central idea “People can create or Manipulate Messages to Influence Thinking.” In math we are wrapping up operations involving fractions and moving into other fractional parts–the decimal.

Students will need to wear their formal school uniforms for the final music rehearsal for photos on Wednesday, June 13. They are welcome to bring other clothes to change into, as they will be back in their formal uniforms on the 14th at 9:00 for their final music/recorder concert of the year. We hope to see you there!

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