Unit of Inquiry – Who We Are

We have wrapped up our current unit on Beliefs, Values, Diversity and Racism. After the break, we will be starting our next unit titled, “Where We Are in Place and Time” with a focus on “Migration”.  We would like to let you know that our provocation to give students a feel for what the migration process makes people feel, will result in some students feeling they could not participate in some of the provocation experiences (for example being sent to a “waiting room” for reasons they aren’t quite clear about and made to wait until the end of a session before being allowed to move on.) This will be done on purpose to give students a sense of ‘rejection’ that real people feel when they are rejected from their application for migration to countries.  Please don’t let your child know of this background information. We just wanted to give you a ‘heads up’ so you can help support our efforts when and if your child gets upset during the provocation part of our next unit. 

Writing – Personal Narratives

This week was focused on editing our chosen piece of writing and using a rubric to reflect on what we need to include in it. Teachers also give their feedback on the rubrics to ensure that the student understands areas they need to continue working on as writers.

Reading – Please remind your child that reading is an expectation every night – including weekends and holidays. A minimum of 30 minutes per day is recommended.

Math – Place Value

We have wrapped up our learning on place value this week. We will focus on multiplication and division after the break. On that note, we recommend that students use Khan Academy to recap and to extend their math knowledge by exploring the learning activities that their teacher has assigned for them on the Khan Academy website.

Learning after the Break.

Please keep a lookout for the schedule of your child’s class, closer to the end of next week, in order to know if we will be returning to Hybrid learning or not.  We are optimistic that we will be back on campus, but just in case, we will wait until we are closer to the date, before sending out our schedules.

Important Dates:

October 19 to 23 – Autumn break – No school

October 26 – School resumes

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