Unit of Inquiry – Who We Are

We have continued working on exploring beliefs around the world. As a follow on to this exploration, we move into the meaning of racism and how we can work to become anti-racists.

Writing – Personal Narratives

We have continued to work on the features of a personal narrative. Most students are at the stage of editing and publishing a narrative of their choice by making sure they incorporate the features they have been learning about. 

Reading – Please remind your child that reading is an expectation every night – including weekends and holidays. A minimum of 30 minutes is recommended.

Math – Place Value

Mid unit assessments on place value have been done this week or will be done next week – depending on your child’s class. These are a good ‘check-in’ to understand where each student needs further support as we continue our learning on place value. It is not a summative of your child’s ability. The unit continues and the mid unit assessment helps us to make sure we know where each student needs extra support.

Thursday 8th & Friday 9th, This Week

Professional development for the teachers on both days. No school for students. 

Distance Learning Next Week

All students will be learning daily through synchronous online lessons with all their teachers. The only session that will not take place is swimming. If your class has swimming scheduled next week, it is replaced in the schedule with a suggestion for your child to play outside.

Important Dates:

Saturday, October 10 – Last day for Mug Competition Design submissions to the PTO

October 12 to 16 – Distance Learning for all students. 

October 19 to 23 – Autumn break – No school

November 26 & 27 – 3 Way Conferences (Parent-Student-Teacher)

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