Unit of Inquiry – Who We Are

We have continued to explore the beliefs and values of the people in our community by focusing on our individual values and beliefs that are transferred to us from our family and culture. As embracing diversity is high on our agenda in this unit, we are also continuing to explore different faiths and religions both in our community and around the world. If your family has a picture of a particular symbol, icon, or relic that is of particular significance to your culture, please encourage your child to share it with us. 

Writing – Personal Narratives

We have continued to work on the features of a personal narrative. Ask your child about the difference between simple and compound sentences.

Reading – A must for all students for at least 30 minutes every night.

Math – Place Value

We have been teaching and re-teaching rounding to different digit values within a five or six digit number. You can support us by quizzing your child on rounding numbers. So they have to remember to use the rule that 5 and above round up while 4 and below round down.

MAP Testing

MAP testing continues for Grade 4. It will be completed by October 13th.

Important Dates:

Monday, October 5 – Map Testing Huddle B

Thursday & Friday, October 8 & 9 – Teacher PD – No school for students

Saturday, October 10 – Last day for Mug Competition Design submissions to the PTO

Monday, October 12 – Map Testing Huddle A

Tuesday, October 13 – Map Testing Huddle B

October 19 to 23 – Autumn break – No school

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