It was so nice to see families at the Webex Goal Setting Conferences today. Thank you for taking the time to meet with us and supporting your child in the process of goal setting. 

Unit of Inquiry – Who We Are

We are continuing to explore the beliefs and values of the people in our community. This week we had some guest speakers from our school community sharing the family values and beliefs with the students. Parents who would be happy to share their family beliefs or values that impact their way of life and/or decisions, are welcome to schedule a time with their class teacher. An example of beliefs could include thoughts and practices related to vegetarianism or religious faiths. Alternatively, it may be cultural practices that you do in your home as a result of your particular upbringing. We would be happy to hear about a wide range of beliefs and values in our community. Embracing diversity is high on our agenda in this unit. Your share can be done via a presentation or by speaking to the children. We will be hosting you through Webex as the meeting platform, so you will not need to physically come into school.

Writing – Personal Narratives

We have started writing our personal narratives. Students have been exploring writing ‘hooks’ to capture their readers’ attention. They have also explored what showing their readers means versus telling their reader when they write.  Please ask your child to explain the difference to you.

Math – Place Value

As we continue with exploring place value, a major focus has been on rounding. Whilst most students understand the basic principles of rounding, it has been an interesting experience for them to round numbers to the nearest 100 or thousand when looking at six digit numbers. We will continue to work on this, but you can support us by exploring a number such as 265,363 and seeing what the number would be when you round it to the nearest 100.  Most students need to be reminded to look at the digit in the hundreds place (3) instead of looking at the digit in the hundred thousands place (2).  In this example, rounding 256,363 to the nearest hundred would be 265,400 not 300,000.

Photo Days for students:

4AO – Wednesday, 30th September (Huddle B)

4SC – Monday, 28th September (Huddle B)

4WA – Tuesday, 29th September (Huddle B)

4WA – Tuesday, 6th October (Huddle A)

4SA – Thursday, 1st October (Huddle B) 

4SA – Friday, 2nd October (Huddle A) 

MAP Testing

MAP testing begins next week for Grade 4.

Important Dates:

Thursday & Friday, October 8 & 9 – Teacher PD – No school for students

Monday – Friday, October 19 to 23 – Autumn break – No school

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