Wednesdays are a Late Start

Lessons start at 9:15am. If your child is supposed to be at school on a Wednesday, s/he can be at school anywhere from 8:45 to 9:15am.

Unit of Inquiry – Who We Are: We are currently focusing on different perspectives and the beliefs of different people in our community. Parents who would be happy to share their family beliefs or values that impact their way of life and/or decisions, are welcome to schedule a time with their class teacher. An example of beliefs could include thoughts and practices related to vegetarianism or religious faiths. Alternatively, it may be cultural practices that you do in your home as a result of your particular upbringing. We would be happy to hear about a wide range of beliefs and values in our community. Embracing diversity is high on our agenda in this unit. Your share can be done via a presentation or by speaking to the children. We will be hosting you through Webex as the meeting platform, so you will not need to physically come into school.

Writing – Personal Narratives: We have started noticing what writers do when they write personal narratives. We will use these noticings to help us begin writing our own personal narratives over the coming weeks.

Math – Place Value: We are currently looking at place value. Place value charts are a major focus. How to label them, use them to understand and compare numbers and their values was our focus for this week.

Reading: A love of books is what we aim to accomplish this year. Reading for joy as a pastime rather than choosing technology and games to stay occupied, especially as we have had to be at home more than ever over the last few months.

Student Goal Setting Conferences: Next Thursday and Friday, the 24th and 25th of September is when our Goal Setting Conferences will take place. Students will share with their parents and teacher their academic, social and/or organizational goals for the semester. We look forward to seeing you together with your child via a Webex meeting.  Your child is expected to wear his/her formal uniform even though s/he will be at home with you and joining the meeting virtually.

Important Dates:

Thursday, 24 September – Webex Goal Setting Conferences- formal uniform

Friday, 25 September – Webex Goal Setting Conferences- formal uniform

Thursday & Friday, October 8 & 9 – Teacher PD – No school for students

Monday 19th to Friday 23rd October – Autumn Break – No School