Dear parents,

It was nice to see how excited the children are to see their teachers and reconnect with their friends this week. Even the new students seem to be adjusting well to AAS.

We are slowly getting back into the routine.  Each class has reviewed/created their essential agreements and class expectations. This week, we’ve started our first units in Math, Writing, Reading and Unit of Inquiry. If you haven’t sat down with your child to fill out the survey, kindly take some time to do that this weekend. Link  

Yay! We survived the first week of HYBRID Learning. Please keep in mind that we are doing our best to support ALL of our students’ needs as best as we can. There may have been some tech issues on our part and this is because we are still learning how to use this new platform in our classroom environment during this challenging times.  We hope to get better in the next few weeks.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.  Your child’s teacher will be sharing with  you shortly  the schedule for next week.


Message from our SEN Teachers:

We are so happy to see students back in school and in our classrooms. As you know, we do our best to support them in their learning. Our strong belief that one of the ways to do so is by providing continuous professional growth for all staff members.  At the moment, one of our team members is finishing her teacher certification program. As part of the program, and in order to improve the teacher’s instructional methods, she has been asked to record audiovisual samples of her teaching.  The primary purpose of these recordings is to assess the teacher and provide feedback regarding her performance. Focus of the recordings will be primary on the teacher, but will also include students. If you wish for your child not to be in these recordings please, let your child’s teacher know via email.

We thank you for your support and all the work you do with students while they’re at home.