Dear Parents,


We have completed the first two weeks of school (launching learning) and now we are ready to move on to Hybrid. 


  • Monday, September 7th (Day 3)  – last day of Launching Learning.  Your child’s teacher will be sharing with you your child’s class schedule.
  • Tuesday, September 8th (Day 4)  -1st day (Introduction to HYBRID) Huddle A Students at school; Huddle B Students work on asynchronous activities
  • Wednesday, September 9th (Day 4)  – 2nd day (Introduction to HYBRID)  Huddle B Students at school; Huddle A Students work on      asynchronous activities
  • Thursday, September 10th (Day 5) 1st day of Hybrid Learning  Huddle A Students at school; Huddle B Students connect synchronously at start of lessons
  • Friday, September 11th (Day 5) 2nd day of Hybrid Learning Huddle B Students at school; Huddle A Students connect synchronously at start of lessons
  • We will not have a late start next week, the first day that Huddle B is on campus. We will begin these the week of September 14.
  • Daily Health Pass All entering campus each day will need to complete and sign a Daily Health Pass.
  • Students will take home supplies from campus to be used at home; in isolated instances, families might need to purchase supplies to support asynchronous learning.
  • Drop offs and Pick-ups (please refer to this document)
  • Hybrid Presentation

ES September  Schedule for HYBRID SCHEDULE



During Hybrid, we will be  moving deeper into the curriculum and will be starting a unit in different subject areas (Math, Literacy and Unit of Inquiry). Your child’s classroom teacher will share with you your child’s  weekly schedule.


Big Idea: Readers and Writers work together as a community to develop procedures and expectations to support strong independent literacy habits.

Guiding Questions (Writing)

  • Why do writers write? 
  • How do writers create a voice and not an echo? (your own ideas, a process, word choice and sentence structures)
  • How do we use peer partners to revise and edit?
  • How do writers get ideas?
  • What are expectations for writers (during writer’s workshop)?
  • What strategies do writers use to improve their writing?
  • What resources do writers use when writing?
  • How do I get from a thought to a published piece? (process)
  • How do I improve my writing stamina?
  • What do writers consider when developing a piece? (RAFTs – role, audience, format, topic)

Guiding Questions (Reading)

  • How is Reader’s Workshop organized?
  • What systems do we need in place to function effectively as a community of readers? (challenging words, how to choose just right books, where/when to read, when to abandon a book, how to work in a book club, how to challenge myself with new genres, how to set goals) 
  • What is my role as a thinking reader? (strategies, recording and showing my thinking)
  • What are the different purposes of reading (reading in a book club, reading to learn – UOI, reading independently – a challenging book/easy book…)


Please see the attached newsletters on how you can help your child with our first math unit. 

1 Topic A Newsletter

G4 Unit 1 Topic B Newsletter

G4 Unit 1 Topic C Newsletter (1)

G4 Unit 1 Topic C Newsletter

G4 Unit 1 Topic D Newsletter

G4 Unit 1 Topic E Newsletter

G4 Unit 1 Topic F Newsletter

Unit of Inquiry


We hope you have a great weekend!