Dear Parents,

It was great meeting most of you during our VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSE today. You can find our grade level presentation link here.  Recording link here.

The Grade 4 Team is looking forward to a great year with your child! We would like to highlight the following items as school starts. 

Launching Learning Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay TeachersLaunching Learning will focus on creating our culture to support each student in getting to know each other and their teachers. It will provide routines and expectations which we will be following throughout the year. Students will also be introduced to the curriculum. This year, this will be happening through Distance Learning, and will involve whole class, small group and individual engagement. Students will be guided on how learning would look like in the next few weeks – whether it be hybrid, full on campus or Distance Learning. During this period of launching learning, students  and teachers will be engaged in building relationships,  gaining an understanding of the different subject areas, and making connections  in order to build a better community.

– Webex Meeting

  • On the first day of school, students should log in to their WEBEX AT  8:30 am. 
  • Please be on time.  Students will be counted as tardy after 8:30 am (9:15 am on Wednesdays).

Attendance and Absences - Term 4 Week 6– Absences/Tardiness

  • Please email your child’s teacher.
  • During Hybrid: If your child will arrive after 8:30 am, go directly to the office to report tardiness and collect a late pass before your child joins the class. This ensures that your child will be marked tardy rather than absent.

  Snacks/Lunch (Please have your child Log off Webex during these times)

  • Please provide a healthy snack/lunch  Fruit, vegetables, cheese, juice and yoghurts/yoghurt drinks are a few suggestions


  • Payments can be made through the school website.

Uniform/Extra Clothing (HYBRID SCHEDULE)

  • Clearly label your child’s uniform with their name and class.
  • PE Uniform – red AAS PE top and bottom (navy blue or black shorts/tracksuit). Children will have PE two times per week, beginning the first week of school.


  • We go outside at least twice a day every day.  Individual children may not stay indoors during recess if everyone else is outdoors. Please prepare your child for our changeable Moscow weather by sending appropriate outdoor clothing, including rain gear and boots when needed. At this time, only one class at a time is allowed to go outside. 


  • Each child is requested to have a pair of “indoor shoes” to be kept at school.
  • “Indoor shoes” are worn in the school building and should be non-slip and suitable for PE.  No sandals, please.
  • “Outdoor shoes” are worn when arriving and departing, during recess and outdoor PE activities.  They should be suitable for the weather.


WSU among top 10 innovative schools for foreign language | WSU ...Foreign Language

  • This year three languages are on offer to your child: Russian, French or Spanish. They will have three World Language lessons per week. If you are a new family, please choose which language you would like your child to learn and let your child’s teacher know.


SWIMMING(Launching Learning) – Instructors will meet with each class to introduce themselves


Launching Learning Teaching Resources | Teachers Pay TeachersREMINDER: DURING LAUNCHING LEARNING– OUR SCHEDULE will be flexible the first two weeks of school. Your classroom teacher will share with you the weekly schedule for your class.

Important information for your child:



School lunches  and snacks must be provided from home; another option is to order a set lunch from the cafeteria and have it delivered to your child’s classroom. 


  • Students will be dismissed at 3:30 pm.
  • Please make sure that we know who will be picking up your child or if he/she is riding a bus.
  • Please note that the learning space outside the classrooms is for student use and there will often be groups occupying this space up to the end of the day. This is not a pick up zone. 
  • Please be prompt in meeting your child after school to avoid undue anxiety on the part of your child. Have a plan for where to meet. After 3:40 pm children who have not been picked up will be taken to the office.
  • Please write a note (paper or e-mail) if there are any changes in dismissal routine. If written notice is not received, your child will not be permitted to leave with anyone but the designated driver, nanny or parent. Thank you!

We are looking forward to a fun year of learning together in Fourth Grade!       

Warm Regards,

The Grade 4 Team