Distance Learning

In order to prepare for the possibility of the AAS school campus closing for a certain period of time, the 4th Grade team has been preparing the students. Teachers have gone through some new online learning platforms that could be used, such as Google Meets and Explain Everything. Furthermore, students have been given folders to take home which contain some materials that may be useful at home. Additionally, students have been asked to take certain books, such as their Writer’s Notebook and reading book back and forth from school so they can be used in either location. 


Math Unit

All 4th Grade students will be finishing their Geometry unit next week, and beginning their new unit on Fractions. The unit is entitled,  ‘Fractions, Equivalence, Ordering and Operations’. Our Central Idea is: Understanding the relationships between fractions and wholes allows people to gather data and solve authentic problems. Our Lines of Inquiry are:

-fractions, referring to the same whole      
-modeling and solving algebraic operations with fractions
-questioning and defending mathematical strategies

Please see the Newsletter which outlines this unit. Furthermore, for more detail, please refer to the different topics: 

Topic A

Topic B

Topic C

Topic D

Topic E

Topic F

Topic G

Topic H

Reading Unit

Next week we will be starting our new reading unit. Our big idea is: Readers ask questions and critique the text to help them understand the story and generate a deeper level of discussion points. Students will be put into Book Clubs for the majority of this unit. The unit will be guided by the following questions:

  • How do we ask questions?
  • How do we go deeper with our thinking?
  • What is critiquing?
  • How do I read as a writer? 
  • What is a good question?
  • How do you turn a thin question into a thick question?
  • What does the author think that I already know?