Home Learning and At-Home Reading Reminder
Students are expected to complete 40 minutes of home learning, 4 days per week. Of that 40 minutes, students are to read for 20 minutes (or more). We assign the home learning on the previous Friday (except after vacations) as some students have requested to complete it on the weekend instead of during the week. They DO NOT have to do it over the weekend.

The other 20 minutes of home learning time will be from a variety of the following, depending on the week:

  • Math
  • Typing practice
  • Writing
  • Unit of Inquiry (UoI) (such as research)

*In special circumstances, teachers might coordinate with students to individualize homework expectations.

Reading/Writing/Unit of Inquiry

Students spent this week editing and revising their newspaper articles. They have been learning:

  • to ask questions of interest that can be research (technological advances in energy, energy problems in different countries, energy problems at AAS)
  • to locate, organize, analyze, evaluate and synthesize information from a variety of trusted sources and online networks. 
  • to differentiate between reliable and unreliable sources
  • to use discussions and diagrams to generate new ideas and inquiries
  • Reflect on their learning by asking questions such as:
    • What did I learn today?
    • What don’t I yet understand?
    • What questions do I have now?
    • What can I already do?
    • What will work on next?

Our Grade 4 expo is scheduled on the 14th February. Students are excited to share with you what they have been learning in reading, writing and Unit of Inquiry. It will be at 8:45am to 9:45am.


We are working on wrapping up unit 3 Multiplication and Division lessons. Looking at the data, some students are rockin’ this unit but some students still need practice and support on the following:

  • Using the four operations with whole numbers to solve problems
  • Gain familiarity with factors and multiples
  • Use place value understanding and properties of operations to perform multi-digit arithmetic.

We will be starting our next unit next week about angle measure and plane figures. The central idea of this unit is Mathematicians understand shapes through studying attributes and taking precise measurements.

The  lines of inquiry will define the scope of the inquiry into the central idea:

  • angles
  • classification of shapes
  • symmetry

Here’s how you can help at home.:
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Have a great weekend!
The Grade 4 Team