Come join us next week for our 4th Grade Assembly! Some students from 4th Grade will be presenting their work to the Grade 4s and 5s. The Assembly starts at 8.45am. Swing by if you can!

Today the students are taking home their decorated Taganka bags. Here is a message from Student Council.

It has been a big part of the AAS holiday tradition to support the children of Taganka every holiday season. 

As a CARING community,  we would like to continue to donate Christmas gifts to the Taganka Foundation which is an organization that supports children with special needs,  troubled teenagers and families who need social and emotional support. We have been supporting the foundation since 1991. 
Students are asked to bring their filled bags back to school by December 17th. Student Council representatives will collect the bags from classes each day. 
We encourage students to bring these new items:


  • Winter Hat
  • Scarf
  • Gloves or mittens
  • Toys
  • Books in Russian
  • Christmas Candy
  • Art supplies
  • Personalised cards made by students


These items should represent the age or grade level of your student. Student Council thanks you in advance for your support! 

We are starting a new non-fiction writing unit next week. Our big idea is:

Authors investigate a topic and structure their writing to inform their reader.

Our writing unit will connect to our ‘How the World Works’ unit of Inquiry on energy and energy innovations. Students will create an online newspaper to share their understandings from the unit.

Our guiding questions are as follows:

How do authors pick a topic?
How do authors decide what (content) to include in their writing piece?
How do they organize their information?
Why do authors write informational pieces? (purpose and audience)
How do text features support the text?