Dear Parents,

Here we are nearly to October!  It goes so fast!  First of all, we’d like to remind you that there is no school for students on Thursday, October 3rd and Friday, October 4th.  Teachers will be attending a PYP training on Student Agency.  In light of the short week, the homework coming out this Friday will be a little “beefed up” to cover the longer time span. The homework will not be due until the following Friday, October 11th.  We will include time to spend working on students’ personal goals.

Unit of Inquiry

We are wrapping up our “Who We Are” unit this week.  Students are creating individual projects on the topic of Diversity.  We hope to have some good examples to display around the school or show on the school screens or at the International Fair. Our next unit will be “Where We Are in Place and Time”. Students will be investigating the topic of Migration, which is a very timely topic and a personal connection for most students.  Beginning with a provocation to simulate a forced migration, some students will come home having enjoyed the activity, some students will not have enjoyed it, but it is guaranteed to spark discussion. Students will continually draw from the experience and make connections as we go through the unit.


Our next reading unit will be non-fiction reading and some important skills to go along with that include finding the main idea and supporting details, using text features to enhance understanding, and learning to synthesize information into our own words. This will set students up to become successful researchers.  Our writing unit will be on persuasive writing, so get ready for all the requests for dogs and cats, which seems to be a popular topic with fourth graders!


We are wrapping up our place value unit with addition and subtraction and understanding story problems, including modeling with the use of tape diagrams.  Following that is our very short unit on converting metric measurement, which ties in very nicely with the place value understanding the students have been developing.

Thank you for sticking with me this long and I will close with a message from our librarians!

Message from Library


We are looking for pictures of kids dressed-up as book characters for our Halloween bulletin board. If you have a sweet (or scary) picture to share please send it to Thank you!

-Kris Feller