Dear 4th Grade parents,

Happy Goal Setting Conference Day! We would like to share the following information with you. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Word Study
This year, grade 4 has decided to try having mixed groups for word study. Each Monday, from 8:45am to 9:35am, students will go to different classrooms to be introduced to their word study sorts and the words they will be studying. Students will keep these same words for two weeks. 

How can you help your student at home? 

  • Ask them what pattern they are studying in word study.
  • Have them find examples of words that fit their pattern in the books they’re reading.
  • Have them tell you a story using some of their word study words in their story.

Resources For Home
Some parents have asked for extra” things for their students to do at home to practice math, reading, Unit of inquiry etc. We have compiled a list of websites with free activities and FREE apps for your devices at home.  


Free iPad Applications for Math

  • Number Pieces Basic (from
  • Number Frames (from
  • Number Rack (from
  • Number Line (from
  • Pattern Shapes (from
  • Geoboard (from
  • Virtual Manipulatives (from


Units of Inquiry

The Grade 4 Team