Hello 4th grade parents,

This week on Tuesday August 27th and Wednesday (28th), your children will have a presentation during music class on an additional option that is available to 4th graders. Instead of going to general music two times per cycle, they can choose to sign up for small group lessons on violin, viola or cello (which they will learn abut in the presentation). If they choose to study one of these instruments, they will alternate one music class and one string lesson class per cycle. We are excited to continue offering this popular choice.

After they have had their presentation (homeroom Martelle/Klosinski on Tuesday, then Schnell/Lewis on Wednesday), talk about this option with your child. If they are interested, you will sign up using this form. After completing the form, you will have the option to do a second form for renting an instrument through the school if you do not have one of your own.

Thank you for your support of music at AAS!
Ms. Lyudmila, Ms. Galima, Mr. Wolf, Mr. Sembrano