Nonfiction Reading Unit

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After the break, the students will be starting a Nonfiction reading unit.

The big idea is:

Using a variety of skills and strategies, readers read nonfiction to learn about the real world. 

We will be focusing on the following:

  • What is nonfiction?
  • Why do we read nonfiction?
  • How and why do readers use nonfiction to investigate/research?
  • Why do readers read more than one piece about the same topic?
  • What reading strategies are used to understand nonfiction?

Students will also be introduced to the Nonfiction Signposts, which help them establish a deeper understanding of a text. Below are the signposts that we will look at in the first few weeks.

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Student Council Update

Dear Parents,

Thank you to a few teachers and parents who have given us some feedback about StuCo this year. As we have mentioned earlier, we are really focusing on student agency. We feel that it is very important to allow students to take ownership of their club. Although it is different this year and perhaps could look a little disorganized and messy, students will definitely learn from this experience and hopefully thrive by the end of the year. One thing we will try to do is share out our weekly agenda so you are aware of what is going on in student council.
Here is the link to our running agenda.
ES Assembly Dates 2019-2020
Student Council Assembly Dates 2019-2020
Grade (Present)
Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units
Sept. 30th
(G4-5) G5
Grade 5
Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
9th Oct 
(G2-3) G3
Grade 3
Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
18th Oct 
(PK-1) G1
Grade 1
Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
31st Oct
Teachers/admin and students
Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
25th Nov 
(G4-5) G4
Grade 4
Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
16th  Dec 
(G2-3) G2
Grade 2
Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
16th Jan 
(PK-G1) K
Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
24th Jan 
(G4-5) G5
Grade 5
Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
25th Feb 
(G2-G3) G3
Grade 3
Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
18th Mar 
Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
23rd  Apr 
(G4-G5) G4
Grade 4
Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
6th May
(G2-G3) G2
Grade 2
Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
21st  May 
(PK-G1) G1
Grade 1
Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
Upcoming Spirit Day(s)
  • Thursday, October 31st – tHalloween
  • Friday, November 1st – School-wide Penguin Spirit day (Black and White) to support Ceesa Players
StuCo Committees 
 Committees (1st Semester October – January) 2019-2020 
Grade 2     Grade 3    Grade 4     Grade 5
Helping Hands
Homeless, Needy
Community Builders
Cafeteria, Recess, Playground
Assembly Committee 

Spirit Committee
Spirit Day publicity
ECO Green
Memo/Alen/Alex G. 
Ava/Alex A.

Week 7 Happenings

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We have started our second unit in Math. The central idea for this unit is Systems for measurement and data collection allow mathematicians to solve problems and share findings.

The Lines of Inquiry are:


  • measurement and data collection
  • the relationship between the decimal system and the metric system
  • converting measurements to solve real-world problems


Here’s how you can help at home.

G4 Unit 2 Topic A Newsletter

G4 Unit 2 Topic B Newsletter

Unit of Inquiry

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We spent this short week introducing our 2nd unit of Inquiry, Where We are in Place and time. As part of our provocation activity, students were given choices on what activities they would like to participate in. They were then asked to reflect on their experience.

  • What happened?
  • How did you feel during the provocation?
  • How did you feel after the provocation?
  • Why did we do it?

Students will be recording and reflecting on their thinking throughout the unit using Book Creator. We will also be reading the book, Refugee in class. This is available on at school.  This is just one of the resources for students to have a better understanding of the unit.

Message from the PTO:
The PTO Elementary School Craft Fair is coming this Saturday, October 12th, from 12:00-3:00 pm in the South Cafeteria and Student Lounge.  This is always a very popular event for our ES students, who get the opportunity to make lots of different crafts in one afternoon.  We invite all ES families to attend.

In addition, the Craft Fair is a volunteer-run even and we are still looking for parents to assist on the day.  No experience or crafting abilities are needed!  Hoping you can support this event, our PTO and our Community at AAS, by signing up being a volunteer. Here is the link to sign up:

Many thanks from your PTO Craft Fair Team!

Message from the Health Office

Elementary School Health Screening Starts October 14h: Healthy Children Learn Better!

This consists of height/weight, vision and hearing testing. If your child wears glasses, please make sure they have them at school the day of screening. Students who are absent when their classes are scheduled will be individually screened at a later date. In cases where referral is needed, a letter will be email to the parents the student. It will also include a form with the student’s test results for the physician or other follow-up care provider to fill out. These forms should be completed and then returned to the school health office once the student has been seen.

If parents do not wish to have their children screened, they should notify the Health Office prior to the scheduled date of screening. Health screening is done privately and the results will be kept in your child’s school health record. The purpose of this screening program is to address the need to reduce the illness and associated academic failure from vision and/or hearing defects through early detection, referral and intervention, to give you information about your child’s health and well-being, and to increase community awareness of healthy eating and active living.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 231-4488 ext. 3911, or e-mail us at

70th Anniversary Week!

Our 70th Anniversary week starts tomorrow, Monday, the 7th of October. We appreciate your efforts in creating opportunities for AAS students to reflect on our past, present, and future. On Friday, October 11, students will engage in an afternoon of 70th celebration activities designed for each division. In addition, this week, our cafeteria will have special anniversary treats and menu items, while the student councils agreed to host five dress-up days this week.

Monday (October 7): 1940s and 1950s
Tuesday (October 8): 1960s and 1970s
Wednesday (October 9): Pinktober (wear pink to promote awareness of cancer)
Thursday (October 10): 1980s and 1990s
Friday (October 11): 2000s and 2010s

Students may wear an international costume on any of these days representing the many nationalities attending AAS.

Students may wear their uniform on any of these days.

For each Pinktober Wednesday starting this week on the 9th of October, staff can dress down, ie..wear jeans, along with their pink. Embrace and support this important student led awareness effort and remind those who are in your life to take care of their health!

4th grade news Week of September 27

Dear Parents,

Here we are nearly to October!  It goes so fast!  First of all, we’d like to remind you that there is no school for students on Thursday, October 3rd and Friday, October 4th.  Teachers will be attending a PYP training on Student Agency.  In light of the short week, the homework coming out this Friday will be a little “beefed up” to cover the longer time span. The homework will not be due until the following Friday, October 11th.  We will include time to spend working on students’ personal goals.

Unit of Inquiry

We are wrapping up our “Who We Are” unit this week.  Students are creating individual projects on the topic of Diversity.  We hope to have some good examples to display around the school or show on the school screens or at the International Fair. Our next unit will be “Where We Are in Place and Time”. Students will be investigating the topic of Migration, which is a very timely topic and a personal connection for most students.  Beginning with a provocation to simulate a forced migration, some students will come home having enjoyed the activity, some students will not have enjoyed it, but it is guaranteed to spark discussion. Students will continually draw from the experience and make connections as we go through the unit.


Our next reading unit will be non-fiction reading and some important skills to go along with that include finding the main idea and supporting details, using text features to enhance understanding, and learning to synthesize information into our own words. This will set students up to become successful researchers.  Our writing unit will be on persuasive writing, so get ready for all the requests for dogs and cats, which seems to be a popular topic with fourth graders!


We are wrapping up our place value unit with addition and subtraction and understanding story problems, including modeling with the use of tape diagrams.  Following that is our very short unit on converting metric measurement, which ties in very nicely with the place value understanding the students have been developing.

Thank you for sticking with me this long and I will close with a message from our librarians!

Message from Library


We are looking for pictures of kids dressed-up as book characters for our Halloween bulletin board. If you have a sweet (or scary) picture to share please send it to Thank you!

-Kris Feller


Week in Review

Dear 4th Grade parents,

Happy Goal Setting Conference Day! We would like to share the following information with you. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Word Study
This year, grade 4 has decided to try having mixed groups for word study. Each Monday, from 8:45am to 9:35am, students will go to different classrooms to be introduced to their word study sorts and the words they will be studying. Students will keep these same words for two weeks. 

How can you help your student at home? 

  • Ask them what pattern they are studying in word study.
  • Have them find examples of words that fit their pattern in the books they’re reading.
  • Have them tell you a story using some of their word study words in their story.

Resources For Home
Some parents have asked for extra” things for their students to do at home to practice math, reading, Unit of inquiry etc. We have compiled a list of websites with free activities and FREE apps for your devices at home.  


Free iPad Applications for Math

  • Number Pieces Basic (from
  • Number Frames (from
  • Number Rack (from
  • Number Line (from
  • Pattern Shapes (from
  • Geoboard (from
  • Virtual Manipulatives (from


Units of Inquiry

The Grade 4 Team



Dear Parents,

Next Monday and Thursday, September 16th and 19, our students will be taking the MAP assessments. On Monday, the Math will be administered, and on Thursday, the Reading will be administered.

On Wednesday, September 25th, students will be administered the language test.

Please make sure your child gets plenty of rest and eat a good breakfast each day. Thank you for your continued support, as we are off to a great start.

Have a great weekend!

The Grade 4 Team

Grade 4 Field Trip to Victory Park

Grade 4MS, 4SC and 4LB had a wonderful time visiting Victory Park as part of our ‘Who we are’ unit of inquiry. We visited an Islamic Mosque, Russian Orthodox Christian Church and a Jewish Synagogue. The students learnt about some of the important beliefs of each religion, and their important places of worship. The students will continue to look more deeply into these religions in order to strengthen their understanding of our Central Idea: Exploring beliefs and values of a community builds an understanding of diversity.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

MAP Testing

MAP testing begins next week for Grade 4. Please see the schedule below, outlining when your child will be taking part in each test.

Student Goal Setting Conferences

Next Friday, the 20th of September is when our Goal Setting Conferences will take place. Students will share with their parents and teacher their academic, social and/or organisational goals for the Semester. We look forward to seeing you on Friday!

It’s HAPPENING in Grade 4!

Home LearningImage result for Home learning clip art

Home learning will start TODAY, Friday, August 30th and will be assigned via Google Classroom every Friday. It will be due the following Friday. We have begun teaching students how to upload their thinking (written or electronic forms). Should there be any questions, Ms. Klosinski is available each morning at 8am to help troubleshoot. Please send her an email ( the night before if you will be coming in for help.


Message from the PTO:

Call for ClassRoom Parents!

Signup for Class Parents will begin this week on Wednesday, August 28.  We will use the same process as last year. There will be a SignUp Genius link in Wednesday newsletter.  Interested parents should click the link and enter their names and contact information on the SignUp Genius form.  The first two parents to sign up will become the Class Parents for each class. Note that the form only allows two parents to sign up.  We find that having two parents provides flexibility without overly complicating coordination. If this causes an issue in your class, please contact me to work it out.

Message from Art (Ms. Arnold)  

The ES art dept is looking for lots of interesting objects to draw. We would love any of your junk which has an interesting shape, texture or light/dark. Examples: shells, stones, toys, teddies, old/cheap jewellery, dried or plastic flowers/leaves/fruit, old machinery parts, nuts/bolts … (not too much bigger than your hand). We are also seeking materials which could be used for construction/3D junk modelling, such as toilet rolls, bottle caps, plastic food containers (cleaned), small boxes etc. Please forward to us in Room 3006 (the art room). With many thanks!

Math Message 

Please see the attached newsletters on how you can help your student with our first math unit. 

G4 Unit 1 Topic A Newsletter

G4 Unit 1 Topic B Newsletter

G4 Unit 1 Topic C Newsletter (1)

G4 Unit 1 Topic C Newsletter

G4 Unit 1 Topic D Newsletter

G4 Unit 1 Topic E Newsletter

G4 Unit 1 Topic F Newsletter

Unit of Inquiry – Who We Are