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Welcome to the Anglo-American School of Moscow’s Grade 4 Team Blog. Here you will find what’s happening in Grade 4 classrooms, student work and much more. Please check back often and feel free to leave us a message with your ideas, links and good thoughts.

That Busy Time of Year!

4th Grade is still hard at work as we progress through our last units of the year. In Literacy, we are expanding our skills in Visual Literacy. Students are looking at all sorts of visual literacy–infographics, memes, photo essays, mind maps, graphic organizers and the messages conveyed in these forms of media, as well as trying their own hands at a few of these forms of media. Our Unit of Inquiry theme of “How We Express Ourselves” meshes well with this as we look at the central idea “People can create or Manipulate Messages to Influence Thinking.” In math we are wrapping up operations involving fractions and moving into other fractional parts–the decimal.

Students will need to wear their formal school uniforms for the final music rehearsal for photos on Wednesday, June 13. They are welcome to bring other clothes to change into, as they will be back in their formal uniforms on the 14th at 9:00 for their final music/recorder concert of the year. We hope to see you there!

EXPO Time!

Please come and join Grade 4 on Thursday morning, May 3rd to experience our first ever EXPO on our Unit of Inquiry (How the World Works:  Energy) through the eyes of your child.  Your child will guide you through the entire process of a unit, from “Tuning In” to “Finding Out”; from “Sorting Out” to “Going Further” and “Taking Action”.  Come and find out what an inquiry unit in Energy is all about!  We are staggering times to avoid congestion, so please see the email (coming soon!) from your child’s classroom teacher to note the times.  It promises to be an interesting morning of learning.

Learning to convince others is an important life skill!

Can you be a successful career man or woman without learning the fine art of persuasion?  I think not!  How could you get into university unless you convinced the admissions team to let you in?  How would you get a job without persuading the hiring committee that you are the best person for the job?

Have I convinced you that learning to be persuasive is an important life skill?  Good!  Because Persuasive Writing is our writing unit in Grade 4 this month.  Students began with an immersion into persuasive writing mentor texts and have looked at picture books, persuasive essays, and speeches to analyze some of the persuasive techniques being used.  Fourth graders will then have a chance to practice their own persuasive techniques as they write their own opinion pieces on topics near and dear to their hearts.  Mini lessons along the way, including how to grab your reader, how to choose convincing reasons and support your reasons with details, facts and figures will help them polish their pieces to perfection.


What’s up? Grade 4 April 2018

This month brought on a lot of learning, and sadly the call for student to show empathy and resilience…
In the learning classes are concluding their Geometry units and moving into a deeper understanding of fractions. Students also concluded their work with fiction stories as they turn their “pens” to persuasive writing. Finally, our units of inquiry on migration ended and our science unit of inquiry on energy is in full swing. Please join us once more on May 3 to see and learn how a unit of inquiry runs with your child as the guide.
Sadly, due the diplomatic relations of late, Grade 4 has lost 6 students in the past week. We wish them all the best and hope that they keep connected to our community. We hope to see you again soon.
Finally a big thank you for the parents who came in droves for the March 28 student-led conferences. It was great to see the students taking ownership of their learning and showing what they know and where to grow for next time.

Swimming continues.
Friday April 6 is the last day of school before break.

Grade 4 field trip to the Experimentarium on the 16, 17 of April. (First week back)


Swimming starts this week.

Dear Parents,

My name is Mike McKinney and I am proud to be the Aquatics Director at the Anglo-American School of Moscow. I bring over 25 years of experience coaching swimming, teaching swim lessons, competitive swimming and lifeguarding to the program.

Swimming is a required part of the elementary curriculum and each student will receive 1 lesson per week from March 19th – May 4th.   

Please label all personal swimming gear with your child’s name. Swimming “kits” should include:

  • swim suit (one piece for girls),
  • towel
  • goggles
  • a swim cap is recommended for those with long hair
  • pool shoes (flip-flops or crocs). For health and safety reasons, swimmers are required to wear proper deck shoes in the locker room and on the pool deck. 

The objective of the swimming program is to allow the students to become comfortable and more confident in and around the water.  Instructors will teach basic water safety, lead the students through a variety of water games and activities, have fun and enjoy the water.  Basic swimming techniques and strokes will also be taught and a time trial will conclude the unit. Our swimming instructors are American Red Cross certified and all haveexperience and extensive knowledge in teaching swimming.  In addition, swimming classes will be under the supervision of an American Red Cross-certified Lifeguard at all times. 

All students are expected to act appropriately in the locker rooms.    

Feel free to contact me for additional questions regarding our program.


Mike McKinney

AAS Aquatics Director

Winter Field Day and Sports Day

This Friday, February 2, we will have our Elementary Winter Field Day. Students will be playing games on the field from 1:30 to 3:00. Please make sure your children have appropriate clothing. The weather should be around freezing, so it may be cold, with snow melting. We have explained to students they must have snow pants, gloves, hat, and snow shoes.

Also, this Friday is Sports Team Day. Students may come dressed in their favorite sports jerseys.


Friday, February 9, teachers will be involved in professional development and there are no classes for students. They can enjoy the day.


Dear Parents,

Ice Skating starts right after the Winter Break

January 8th 2018 until the end of February

WHO: All ES students  (prek-grade 5) ice skate


Grades 2,3,4,and 5   Skate on their 60 minute lesson every other week on either an A week or B week schedule: as notified by the PE teams

  • A weeks:  4MA, 4PM, 4TS
  • B weeks:  4CB, 4LB



(Please put your child’s name on all skating clothing to ID misplaced items)

  • ∙ Ice Skates ready that fit, sharpened with laces ready to tie
  • ∙ Snow pants
  • ∙ Winter coat
  • ∙ Winter Gloves
  • ∙ Hood on coat preferred OR a thin pullover beanie cap with no pom-poms (to wear under helmet)
  • ∙ Strong non-tear bag for skates, the school store sells ice skate bags
  • ∙ Piece of cloth or small towel to dry metal blades clean after skating


  • ∙ A helmet with face-guard  ( NO bicycle helmet or helmets without a face guard allowed )      Students may bring ice hockey helmets if they have their own.

If you have additional questions please contact the ES PE teachers

Happy Skating!

Heath Buggs,  Jenny Collins, and  Todd Wohlberg

Who We Are: Beliefs and Values

fOur next unit of inquiry is developed around understanding of self and others under the transdisciplinary theme “Who We Are.” The central idea for this unit is “Through their ideas, actions, and attitudes people can influence each other and inspire others to act.” Throughout this unit students are asked to consistently reflect on their values and how they differ from the values of others. We will investigate major religions of the world to increase global mindedness; this will involve a trip to Victory Park where students will explore how different several religions express their beliefs and values. This unit provides many opportunities to discuss family beliefs and values and you are encouraged to do so.