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Welcome to the Anglo-American School of Moscow’s Grade 4 Team Blog. Here you will find what’s happening in Grade 4 classrooms, student work and much more. Please check back often and feel free to leave us a message with your ideas, links and good thoughts.

More than Comic Books

Fourth Grade has just wrapped up our latest literacy unit…Graphic Novels.  No longer just comics, Graphic novels have decidedly crossed over into the literary mainstream.  Many classic children’s novels have been remade into graphic format, bringing some of the “old” classics into a format that modern children enjoy.  And they seem to be here to stay.

Because of the fast pace of graphic novels, we learned that making inferences was an important skill to have to understand graphic novels as they jump from one scene to the next.  We learned to use the context clues such as how facial expressions and gestures combine with speech and thought to help us understand the character; formatting of panels to show movement, time and place; onomatopoeia to show sound effects.  We participated in book clubs to discuss these and many of the story elements in our graphic novels.

Students then applied the lessons learned from their graphic novel reading to create their own comics.  It was a highly engaging unit that the fourth graders not only learned from, but enjoyed.


Halloween Celebrations in Grade 4

This year, the students had a wonderful time celebrating Halloween. The Class Mums and other parent helpers did a fantastic job planning fun activities and making treats for the students. There was a dance room, games room, face painting, crafts, and a whole room filled with delicious food. The students were really spoilt! It was a fun afternoon for all involved! Please peruse the photos below.

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Crafts for Halloween and other Celebrations

Crafts for Halloween and other Celebrations

A few parents have inquired about where they may purchase art/craft materials for Halloween parties, and other upcoming festivities. Please find links here, as to where you will most probably  find what you need. Enjoy!!



Наши магазины


Сеть магазинов художественных товаров “Передвижник” представлена четырьмя филиалами на станциях метро “Маяковская”, “Курская”, “Речной вокзал”, а также “Китай-город”.



Наши магазины


Контактная информация магазинов Красный Карандаш. Телефоны, время работы, адреса магазинов и карты проезда.

Accessing Overdrive

Good news! Your Overdrive account is now active just in time for Fall Break.

You can either navigate to the Overdrive link from the ebook part of the library website or type it in directly: aas.lib.overdrive.com

Your login is:

ST-000000 (*your personal 6-digit ST number)


You have “juvenile” level access so you’ll see everything in our Elementary online collection.  Some books have an ebook icon and some have the audio book icon. It’s pretty user-friendly so dive in and enjoy. If you have any trouble then stop by to see either Ms. K or Ms. Kris with your preferred device so that we can help.

You can find Overdrive in the app store on your preferred device and download it for free. Our library name is Anglo American School of Moscow. You will need to search for that and then input your username/password. Once everything is established the first time it goes very easily and becomes password free.

We hope you will all enjoy both traditional and digital books and that you will have a break  filled with wonderful stories!


How We Express Ourselves Unit of Inquiry

Our new unit of inquiry is under the transdisciplinary theme of How We Express Ourselves. In the image below you will see our Central Idea, Line of Inquiry and the key concepts that will be guiding our inquiry.

Students will be exploring the concept of media and the impact that media has on our thinking. Some of the media we will be exploring includes:

  • Commercials and Print advertisement
  • Jingles
  • Public Service Announcement
  • Memes
  • Photo Essay
  • Infographics
  • Blog posts
  • Fake news
  • Photography
  • Social media

Students have already begun to look for examples of media in their lives. For homework, we have been gathering examples of advertisements and songs that deliver a message or try to persuade. We have also been on a hunt around the school to discover the forms of media we see in our everyday lives.

If you have any expertise that you would be willing to share with our Grade 4, please contact your classroom teacher.

Visiting Authors Eric Rohmann and Candace Fleming

Visiting Authors were with us this week!

We were very fortunate to have visiting authors Eric Rohmann and Candace Fleming with us last week.  Grade 4 were part of a large gathering with grade five where the authors explained how and where they get their ideas and then how they go about crafting them into books.  One of the great things that was shared was that writing is a process that takes many tries in order to get it right. Ms. Fleming shared a great slide of a large stack of drafts which were all for one book. We were also able to have  a small group session where Mr. Rohmann walked us through the drawing process involved in his books. We created a five panel comic with him where the students were supplying the ideas and he supplied the drawings. It was great to see the interaction between the students and Mr. Rohmann.

Pinktober – Spirit Day

The High School Peer Helpers and ES student council have asked us to join them in Pinktober again this school year. Students are invited to wear pink in place of their school uniforms on Wednesdays in October. (pink hair, clothing, stickers and play tattoos are fine-no markers on face).

Please note that on October 31 we will be celebrating Halloween, so we will not take part in Pinktober on the 31st.


Math Module 2: Unit Conversions and Problem Solving with Metric Measurement

Dear parents,

Soon we will start our next Math unit – Module 2: Unit Conversions and Problem Solving with Metric Measurement. This unit will include measuring, conversion, expressing measurements in smaller units, and problem solving involving metric units. These skills are really relevant to real life and can be easily reinforced at home – for example in cooking or measuring the circumference of pumpkins for Halloween!

This unit has two parent newsletters; G4 Unit 2 Topic A Newsletter, and G4 Unit 2 Topic B Newsletter, which give some guidance on key vocabulary, concepts, and strategies. These can be really helpful in supporting homework or just having conversations about what the kids are learning at school.

The Grade 4 team are always happy to help – if you want to know more about the curriculum, let us know!


The Grade 4 Team

Looking forward to Goal Setting Conferences

Grade 4 students are working hard this week – reflecting on their many successes and setting goals to ensure another year of personalized learning and growth. They are excited to welcome their families into school on Friday (September 21st) to collaborate on their goals.

New families – please be aware that this is not a normal school day and there will be no regular classes. However, students are expected to be present at their scheduled conference times. Students need to come in their formal AAS uniforms. Please be punctual as each student deserves their full allotted time with their teachers and parents.

We are looking forward to a productive day looking forward!

‘Who we are’ Field Trip

As part of our ‘Who we are’ unit of inquiry the Grade 4 students have been learning about religion, mainly focusing on the 5 major religions of the world: Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism. The students were divided into groups and asked to research information about one major religion and become experts. Next week, they will share their understanding with the class in the form of a presentation. Also this week, we went on an informative field trip to Victory Park, visiting an Islamic Mosque, Jewish Synagogue and Russian Orthodox Church. The students observed the differences between the buildings, art forms, religious beliefs and practises. It was an enjoyable day for all!

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