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Goal Setting Conferences Next Week

Goal Setting Conferences are scheduled for Thursday, September 24 and Friday, September 25. These conferences will be held through Webex, so a parent can attend even if they are not in the same location as their child. 

  • What is a Goal Setting Conference?
    • The student, parents, and educator will meet for approximately 20 minutes.
    • A short conversation about how a student is settling into the school year.
    • Together, the student, parents, and educator will discuss the student’s strengths and the goals (s)he has set.
  • Logistics
    • Students should wear their formal school uniform or similar attire in order to support the formal nature of these conferences.
    • September 24 and 25 are non-instructional days but students are expected to attend their conference with their parents.
    • An email with instructions on how to sign up for a conference will be sent from the ES Office, please keep an eye out for it.
    • Parents may send an email to Single Subject and Special Educational Needs (SEN) Educators in order to set up a Webex Meetings with them if they would like to talk about these specific areas around settling in, goals and strengths. Students should attend these meetings.

Grade 3 Math – Unit 1


To support your understanding of Math – Unit 1, grade 3 has developed and collected some support resources that can be used to help your child move through the unit and explain to you what the lesson could look like. 

The first LINK outlines the expectations for grade-level competence. 

The second LINK provides examples of how the lessons flow and develop. 

The following LINK is to a folder for problem sets and homework sheets that students away from class may need to print to support their learning (because they do not have the actual booklet). If you have the Unit 1 Booklet you do not need this link.  

We hope this is helpful to you and your child as they work through our first math unit.

Warm regards,
The Grade 3 Team

PE for Students on Campus

Dear Grade 3 Families,

PE is outside, rain or shine, so students should have a jacket and an extra pair of socks (to change into after PE if their shoes get wet to keep their indoor shoes dry).  Also, students should have full water bottles (with name on it) with them for PE.

Please send a pair of  “indoor” shoes to school with your child. These would be the shoes they will wear if they get their “outdoor” shoes wet during PE and/or recess.

If you have any questions about PE in grade 3, please contact your child’s PE teacher:

Nathan Weaver:

Jenny Collins:

Todd Wohlberg:

Kind regards,
The Grade 3 Team


Hybrid Learning – First Week

  • Monday, September 7th (Day 3)  – last day of Launching Learning.  Your child’s teacher will be sharing with you your child’s class schedule.
  • Tuesday, September 8th (Day 4)  -1st day (Introduction to HYBRID) Huddle A Students at school; Huddle B Students work on asynchronous activities
  • Wednesday, September 9th (Day 4)  – 2nd day (Introduction to HYBRID)  Huddle B Students at school; Huddle A Students work on asynchronous activities
  • Thursday, September 10th (Day 5) 1st day of Hybrid Learning  Huddle A Students at school; Huddle B Students connect synchronously at the start of lessons
  • Friday, September 11th (Day 5) 2nd day of Hybrid Learning Huddle B Students at school; Huddle A Students connect synchronously at start of lessons
  • We will not have a late start the first week, the first day that Huddle B is on campus. We will begin these the week of September 14.
  • Daily Health Pass  All entering campus each day will need to complete and sign a Daily Health Pass.
  • Students will take home supplies from campus to be used at home; in isolated instances, families might need to purchase supplies to support asynchronous learning.
  • Drop offs and Pick-ups (please refer to this document)
  • Hybrid Presentation

Elementary students will not be going to the cafeteria for lunch. Please send a healthy lunch (and snack) to school with your child or order a box lunch from the cafeteria to be delivered to the classroom. Please contact the ES office regarding ordering lunches.

Drop-off & Departure for Hybrid Learning


  • Please remember that students can not be on campus before 8:00 am. This includes walkers, shuttle bus riders, and car drop-off.
  • All drivers must remain in their cars and follow instructions from AAS security guards.
  • MS and HS students can be dropped off at the lower parking lot in front of the South Field and use the green bridge to access the campus.


  • Please remember that students cannot be on campus after school.
  • Students will be dismissed by mode of transportation:
    • 3:20 pm – PK-Gr.1 BUS riders only
    • 3:30 pm – All FOOT traffic and Gr.2 – Gr.12 BUS riders
    • **3:40 pm – All CAR riders

**Picked-up/driver: 3:40 These students will be directed to the elementary playground screening tent, where they will be picked up by drivers. To ensure a smooth flow of traffic, drivers are to remain in their vehicles.  If a student is not available for pick-up when the driver arrives, the driver will need to exit and re-enter the school. 

Welcome New Grade 3 Families!

We were happy to see many of our new third-grade families at our Open House on Monday, August 24th.

Click HERE to view the  Grade 3 Open House presentation.

If you have any questions about your child’s third-grade learning journey, please contact your homeroom teacher.

We are looking forward to a wonderful 2020-2021 school year!

– The Grade 3 Team


Grade 3 Blog – Unsubscribe

We hope you have enjoyed the summer holiday and are looking forward to the new school year as much as we are.

You are currently subscribed to the Grade 3 blog and if you no longer wish to receive updates on all the happenings in third grade,  please click the ‘unsubscribe’ button below in this email.

It looks something like this:

Unsubscribe to no longer receive posts from Grade 3.
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Well wishes to all of our former third-graders as they begin their fourth-grade learning journey!

Warm regards,
The Grade 3 Team

Thank You and Farewell

Dear Grade 3 Parents, 

Thank you all for your support this year. We have enjoyed learning with our kids and getting to know you throughout the school year. Our last day of Distance Learning, and of our 2019-2020 school year, was bittersweet as we all are looking forward to a much needed break away from our laptops and devices, but also feeling a bit sad to say our final farewells. We would like to recognize and express our gratitude to our students and their families who have embraced the Distance Learning environment. 

If you are leaving AAS, the school will be in communication regarding what to do about returning iPads and other school materials. 

To say the least, this has been an unprecedented school year and we are grateful for our students’ commitment during this challenging time. We hope they continue their learning with the ILE slide deck. Teachers will be available via email and Google Classroom for questions through June 11th.

We wish our third graders well in the next step of their academic journey.  

Take care and stay healthy.

With kind regards,
The Grade 3 Team 

Suggested Supplies for Unit of Inquiry – Where We Are in Place and Time

Updated: April 12, 2020
Please check the items in red that have been added to the list. 

For our Who We Are in Place and Time unit, third graders will be working on a number of small building projects at home. We hope these will prove to be challenging and fun, and perhaps something the whole family can get involved in, especially since everyone seems to have extra time on their hands! We want to give you a heads-up of some supplies that they will be needing during the next three weeks so that you can start to gather them:

  • a regular cleaning or dish sponge – will need on Monday
  • a Sharpie or other strong marker
  • marshmallows (the mini ones work best)
  • uncooked spaghetti noodles
  • masking tape
  • string
  • newspaper (or regular paper is fine if you don’t have newspaper)
  • one piece of strong cardboard or wood about 23cm x 28cm
  • cardboard rolls (toilet paper rolls)
  • block of wood
  • plastic drinking straws (about 10 of them should be plenty)
  • paper clip
  • pipe cleaner or something that could be used to join the straws together

Students will also need supplies they can use to build with such as: empty cardboard boxes or other plastic or aluminum containers (start to clean out and hold on to some recyclable items!); pieces of piping; foam rubber or styrofoam; pieces of wood; discarded items from your house you might not need anymore; duct tape; glue, hot glue; hammer and nails; staple gun, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: This is just a suggested list of items. During the last week of DL they will be building a structure of their own and can decide what kinds of materials they want to use and how to assemble it. You do not need to go buy or get all the items on this list. Also, if you do not have any of these particular items we are more than happy for students to improvise and come up with some innovative solutions or replacements. This is a great opportunity for them to demonstrate flexible thinking and creativity!

There is nothing you need to do at this time other than start to gather or save some potentially useful items for building with. Instructions for all the activities will be given to the students as we go through the unit.

Thank you again for your support at home.

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