Update from ES Student Council

Dear Parents and Teachers,

Thank you to a few teachers and parents who have given us some feedback about StuCo this year. As we have mentioned earlier, we are really focusing on student agency. We feel that it is very important to allow students to take ownership of their club. Although it is different this year and perhaps could look a little disorganized and messy, students will definitely learn from this experience and hopefully thrive by the end of the year. One thing we will try to do is share out our weekly agenda so you are aware of what is going on in student council.

Here is the link to our running agenda.

ES Assembly Dates 2019-2020

Student Council Assembly Dates 2019-2020 

Date Day  Grade (Present) Presenters Focus

Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units

Sept. 30th 5 (G4-5) G5 Grade 5 Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
9th Oct 4 (G2-3) G3 Grade 3 Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
18th Oct 5 (PK-1) G1 Grade 1 Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
31st Oct 4 PK-5 Teachers/admin and students Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
25th Nov 2 (G4-5) G4 Grade 4 Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
16th  Dec 4 (G2-3) G2 Grade 2 Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
16th Jan 6 (PK-G1) K Kindergarten Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
24th Jan 5 (G4-5) G5 Grade 5 Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
25th Feb 4 (G2-G3) G3 Grade 3 Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
18th Mar 6 (PK-G1)PK Pre-K Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
23rd  Apr 2 (G4-G5) G4 Grade 4 Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
6th May 4 (G2-G3) G2 Grade 2 Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)
21st  May 2 (PK-G1) G1 Grade 1 Student Agency/LP/Action/UoI units/ CARE (one of our core values)

Upcoming Spirit Day(s)

  • Thursday, October 31st – Halloween
  • Friday, November 1st – School-wide Penguin Spirit day (Black and White) to support Ceesa Players

StuCo Committees 


October Break and Halloween

October Break: Please be reminded that next week, October 21-25, is a school holiday. This might be a good time for you and your child to decide on and source a Halloween costume. We hope that you all have a safe and wonderful week.

Halloween: On Thursday, October 31, Halloween will be celebrated in the Elementary School. Students may wear their costumes as alternate dress during the day and for the classroom parties at the end of the day. Masks and other parts of costumes that may get in the way of learning should only be worn during the parties. Please leave weapons at home. Thank you in advance to the parents that have volunteered in the classrooms to make these parties memorable for our children.

Important Reminders (Phone Use & Before/After School Supervision)

Student Use of Mobile Telephone/Conventional Telephone: As a gentle reminder, this is the expectation of the Elementary School on student phones. All mobile telephones and connected devices (smartwatches) that are brought to school by students must be turned off and kept in backpacks or lockers from the time of arrival at school until the end of the school day. A phone in the office is available for student use. If a student fails to adhere to this policy, the mobile telephone or other connected device will be confiscated and passed on to ES Leadership. The students will then have to collect the device at the end of the day. Subsequent violations will mean that the student will not be allowed to bring a mobile telephone to school.

Reminder Regarding Morning Routines: Please be mindful that on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, student supervision begins at 8:00 AM. On Wednesday it begins at 8:45 AM. Students that arrive before these times must be accompanied by a guardian until school supervision begins. At dismissal (3:30) all students in the Elementary School must also be accompanied by a guardian. Those students who may be waiting to get picked up must remain at the ES Office. These procedures are in place in order to keep students safe.

AAS’s 70th Anniversary

70th Celebration: Next week, we will be celebrating AAS’s 70th Birthday. The week is full of 70th Celebrations and curriculum connections. The ES Student Council has decided to make each day have an alternate dress theme. Four days will be dedicated to the decades that the school has existed and Wednesday has been set aside to honor Pinktober.

Here are the decades that the students may dress-up as each day:

  • Monday (Oct. 7): 1940s and 1950s
  • Tuesday (Oct. 8): 1960s and 1970s
  • Wednesday (Oct. 9): Pinktober (wear pink to bring attention to cancer)
  • Thursday (Oct. 10): 1980s and 1990s
  • Friday (Oct. 11): 2000s and 2010s
  • Alternatively, students may wear an international costume on any day, or wear their uniform.

On Monday, students will receive a 70th Birthday Cupcake with their lunch.

Each day next week, the ES Cafeteria will serve a special for lunch and a dessert that coincided with the decades of the school. Click here for the 70th Anniversary menu specials, or find the full menu at www.aas.ru/student-life/nutrition.

On Friday, October 11th, the students will have a Celebration Rotation for the last 70 minutes of the school day. A variety of activities have been planned and students will choose which ones they will attend.

G3 Homework – Short Weeks & “WWA” Unit of Inquiry

Dear G3 Families,

The G3 team has decided to not send homework on short weeks. However, do please continue reading and discussing books and enjoying reading time together. Third graders could also use their regularly scheduled homework time to work on the math, language arts and/or reading goals they set for themselves.

Monday we had an 8th grader come to talk to the G3 classes about how she started the no plastic bottles at AAS and who influenced her to put her ideas into action. You can help by talking about the lines of inquiry for our current unit, “Who We Are,” to help our students understand these concepts even better.

There are also questions below if you want to choose one or a few to help engage your family in a discussion. This could be a fun topic at the dinner table.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your homeroom teacher.

“Who We Are” Lines of Inquiry:
– Characteristics of influential people
– How people influence others to act and change
– How we identify problems and solutions to bring about change.

Discussion questions:
-What are the characteristics of influential people?
-Who has influenced you?
-How have they influenced you?
-Who have you influenced?
-How have you influenced them?
-What are some problems in your communities (family, school, Moscow)?
-How do people create solutions to problems – how do they know which is the right solution?
-Does everything we do have an impact others?
-Who impacts us and why? Do you see a pattern? What does that look like? 
-How does peer pressure influence us?

Wishing you a lovely four-day weekend . . .

-The G3 Team

From Ms. Helen, our Art teacher

Thank you for your donations and please keep them coming! Here is a photo of the objects which are drawing greatest attention at the moment. We seek small items which are interesting in shape, color, or texture. Students are fascinated by nature, and also small toys, plastic jewellery, and replica treasures from ancient civilisations.  Many thanks for your continued donations!

G3 Home Learning (Homework)

“Math home learning” (homework) is sent home each Monday. It is due on Friday but this may be extended to Monday, if needed.

Third graders should be bringing home a notebook with a “Weekly Math Homework” sheet glued inside. The purpose of math homework (or home learning) in third grade is to get weekly practice in each of the skills areas so these skills are kept fresh. If your child can not do certain problems, that is OK. Eventually, though, it is expected that third graders are able to do each type of problem they will have for math home learning.

No more than 10 minutes is expected for math home learning. Third graders should work on the problems they can do listed under each day on the math sheet, then stop.  They should be showing their work for the problems, if they can; not all problems require them to show their work (for example, What fraction of the circle is shaded? – they would not be expected to show their work to answer this question, nor would they be expected to show their work for basic fact problems). If your child is able to do more than the day’s problems on the sheet in ten minutes, then they can certainly do as much as they can in 10 minutes – if they can finish the whole page in 10 minutes, that’s fine, then they are done for the week! However, it is highly encouraged that all third grader spend at least 10 minutes each evening practicing math. If they finish the math sheet early in the week, then they could (should) spend 10 minutes working towards the math goal they set for themselves. IXL is a great online resource for math skills practice. 

The other 20 minutes of home learning time should be spent reading a just-right book. This reading time could be a “shared reading” (reading with someone who is a better reader) with a discussion about the book. Some of this reading time could also be spent reading in one’s native language. The important thing is to build reading stamina and fluency by staying focused on a book for at least 20 minutes.

Please notify your homeroom teacher if you have any questions regarding G3 home learning (homework).