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Market Day Adjusted

On March 4th, AAS Public Relations emailed the AAS community a very important email. Below is a cut and paste that directly affects the customers (you) on Market Day.

No Parents or Outside Guests/Нет родителей или посторонних гостей
March 13 Grade 3 Market Day/13 марта 3 класс День рынка
March 17 MS/HS Variety Show
March 26 MS Drama
April 1-3 ES Drama
March 30 – April 3 IB Visual Arts Exhibition
There are three things you need to know.
First, thank you for the support you have been giving at home to help our young entrepreneurs. As of today, half of our students have submitted their materials/supplies list and have finalized the budgeting. The sooner we get the budgets turned in the sooner students can calculate their selling price. Also, they may decide to interview the AAS community to determine which price people are willing to pay.
Unfortunately, the COVID-19 safety protocol the AAS leadership team has put in place means that parents are NOT allowed to attend MARKET DAY. Administration and G3 teachers will do their best to video record the market and interviews with our young entrepreneurs to share with you.
To reduce the amount of people in one area, each class has a designated time for EXPO on March 20th. 3KS will have EXPO 12:50-1:35.
9:25-10:15- 3CB
11:30-12:15 – 3WA
12:50 -1:35 – 3KS
2:45-3:30 – 3CK
Because we will have a significant decrease in consumer activity, we are also accepting donations. These donations will go towards supporting the kids at the Lighthouse Children’s Hospice (the same charity to which all of the Market Day profits will be donated). If you are interested in donating, please send it in with your child before March 28th.
Thank you again for your support. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or stop by the classroom.

Ice Cream and Economics (How the World Works)

Last week, students were ‘paid’ a salary for tasks within the class. Some students were fined, others rewarded and the culture of the classroom changed. The power of money…

At the end of the week it was announced that the money they had saved and earned had real value in the Sundae Shop, where students could purchase ice cream by the scoop!. The rush was on! At the market prices changed due to supply and demand. Some ‘wealthier’ students had no issues buying a fast pass to get to the front of the line, while others could barely afford a scoop. Was this fair, or just business as usual? We’re hoping the students will decide.

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We are looking forward to exploring the world of economics as our third graders become “young entrepreneurs” and plan their own business to run for “Grade 3’s Market Day” on March 13th.

How can you support?

Families may help at home by reviewing the central idea and lines with their third grader as well as discuss some of the questions below. Engage with real life and discuss what you want out of a good business. What does a business person value?

How We Organize Ourselves unit of inquiry:

Central idea: Economic activity relies on a system of exchange and consumption of goods and services.

Lines of inquiry:
– economic activity.
– the role of cost analysis and business plans in the marketplace.
– our responsibility as producers and consumers.

Discussion questions:
How do entrepreneurs gather and use the information?
How do you run a business?
How do entrepreneurs deal with challenges and opportunities in business?
Why does a business choose to sell a product or service?
How do consumer choices impact the world around us?
How do supply and demand affect the market place?
Why do consumers choose particular goods and services?
Today we had a very special event called the Sundae Shop. It’s aim was to open our new unit of inquiry with a highly engaging and relevant introduction into the world of economics. Issues such as supply and demand, and their effects on value were in play.

Dear Parents of Grade 3 students,

The entire Grade 3 Team would like to thank you all for a wonderful start to the school year. As we establish our routines and procedures, we wanted to take a minute to communicate to you the best way to reach your classroom teachers. As we are usually teaching, in planning meetings or preparing lessons during the day, we ask that you please not plan to drop by before or after school to chat with us. It is difficult or sometimes impossible to stop our teaching or working with students to address you and give your questions our full attention. Additionally, our classrooms are often used for ASAs or Mother Tongue classes after school and we would not be able to have a quiet place to meet. If you do have a question or concern that you need to discuss with your child’s teacher, please send them an email and arrange a time or place to meet with them. We are looking forward to a wonderful year or working and learning together.



Our First Math Unit!

Our first math unit is scheduled to kick off Monday, September 2. The big push is for understanding multiplication and division. Although our instruction does follow the concepts and story of the unit, we teach children, not the program. Teachers will constantly be slowing down to review or speeding up to challenge. Please contact your homeroom teacher if you have any questions.
For greater understanding of this unit click the parent letter here.
To understand and help support your child with resources click here.

To understand how multiplication and division progresses through your child’s education feel free to watch this video.


Final Math Unit: Geometry and Measurement

In our final math unit, students will get intensive practice with word
problems, as well as hands-on investigation experiences withgeometry and perimeter. Students will solve one- and two-step word problems, classify shapes based on their attributes, learn what a tessellation is, study perimeter and area, and end with a review of Grade 3 fundamental skills. Here is the parent tips sheet for this unit.

FAQ’s on Market Day

Dear Parents,

Normally at this point, the questions for Market Day start to come from both parents and students. To help with that, we have put together some frequently asked questions.

Here is a video of last year’s Market Day. Please watch.

Market Day 2018


When is the Market Day?- Friday, April 26 from 1:15pm to 2:45pm. Students should be set up and ready to sell by 1:10. Children can go home with their parents once they have “sold out, cashed out,” and cleaned their area.

What does my child need to bring on Market Day? This is important!

On the day of the market, students are asked to

  • take out a loan of 500 rubles from their parents.  (example 50 ten ruble coins) so that students can make change from a petty cash fund. 
  • Bring and set-up their product, making sure that it is fresh, safe and hygienic. Example, if you are selling ice cream how will you keep it cold?
  • Any decorations, supplies or even costumes that will help the promotion of their item.

What can I do to help my child succeed on market day?

The more the student is independent, the more pride they will have in their work. However these are some guidelines.

  • Talk to your child about their product and how they are selling it. Discuss ideas that could promote or improve the product. Details like, “How will you get all your plants to school on time?” are things that help problem solving.
  • It is OK for students to ask for help with making the items with a parent, especially if there is need for a stove.
  • It is OK to listen and ask questions so that a student can be supported in their design and practice ‘working’ their business.
  • It is OK to give feedback to students by looking over their product, timeline, and advertisements.
  • It is OK to support your child by buying their product, just don’t buy all of their product. Failure to sell is part of the learning.

What should I NOT do?

  • It is NOT OK for the parent to sell or help their child between the times of 1:15 and 2:45.
  • It is NOT OK for the parent to make the item for the child; they should learn and work wherever possible.

Where is the learning in this market?

By the exposition students will have been introduced to the following areas of economic activity:

  • Understanding economic activity in terms of supply and demand; production and distribution.
  • Creating and applying a business plan including a cost analysis and conducting market research.
  • Managing a business and determining what the characteristics and responsibilities of a an entrepreneur are.
  • Executive functioning skills include, planning and prioritizing, management of resources including time and space.

What and when is the Expo day?

On Friday, May 3 at 8:30 to 9:30 , The Expo is a reflection and sharing of student learning. Students will guide parents through their learning journey.

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