Please note: The huddles at home do not sign-in to Webex during MAP testing. Teachers will provide asynchronous lessons for these students to do during MAP. Please see the dates and times below for MAP assessments.

In the coming weeks, our Grade 2-5 students will take the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessment which will provide our teachers with another view into your child as a learner. The children will take the Math, Reading, and Language forms of the assessment. The MAP assessments provide us with external data that compares your child’s performance with a set of recognized norms. Because the assessment is adaptive, we are able to gather information about children outside of the constraints of grade-level bands.

This is not an assessment that your child can study for. In order to help her or him do their very best, please ensure that your child gets plenty of rest and eats a healthy breakfast.

You will receive information about your child’s performance on the MAP assessment after all students have completed the tests. For more about the MAP assessment, you can read the document at this link

Third grade will be taking their MAP assessments on the dates listed below.  

It is important that your child eats a healthy breakfast and arrives on time on these dates:
Monday (Huddle A) – September 28th at 8:30am

Tuesday (Huddle B) – September 29st at 8:30am
Friday (Huddle A) – October 2nd at 8:30am
Monday (Huddle B) – October 5th at 8:30am

Please ensure your child has a healthy lunch to eat on these dates:
Monday (Huddle A) – October 12th at 12:45pm (after lunch)

Tuesday (Huddle B) – October 13th at 12:45pm (after lunch)

There will be MAP assessment make-up dates in between the scheduled dates for those students not able to attend on the days listed above. All MAP testing, including make-ups, will conclude on October 15th. Families who are not in Moscow or in quarantine will be contacted regarding “home MAP assessment procedures.”