Goal Setting Conferences are scheduled for Thursday, September 24 and Friday, September 25. These conferences will be held through Webex, so a parent can attend even if they are not in the same location as their child. 

  • What is a Goal Setting Conference?
    • The student, parents, and educator will meet for approximately 20 minutes.
    • A short conversation about how a student is settling into the school year.
    • Together, the student, parents, and educator will discuss the student’s strengths and the goals (s)he has set.
  • Logistics
    • Students should wear their formal school uniform or similar attire in order to support the formal nature of these conferences.
    • September 24 and 25 are non-instructional days but students are expected to attend their conference with their parents.
    • An email with instructions on how to sign up for a conference will be sent from the ES Office, please keep an eye out for it.
    • Parents may send an email to Single Subject and Special Educational Needs (SEN) Educators in order to set up a Webex Meetings with them if they would like to talk about these specific areas around settling in, goals and strengths. Students should attend these meetings.