• Monday, September 7th (Day 3)  – last day of Launching Learning.  Your child’s teacher will be sharing with you your child’s class schedule.
  • Tuesday, September 8th (Day 4)  -1st day (Introduction to HYBRID) Huddle A Students at school; Huddle B Students work on asynchronous activities
  • Wednesday, September 9th (Day 4)  – 2nd day (Introduction to HYBRID)  Huddle B Students at school; Huddle A Students work on asynchronous activities
  • Thursday, September 10th (Day 5) 1st day of Hybrid Learning  Huddle A Students at school; Huddle B Students connect synchronously at the start of lessons
  • Friday, September 11th (Day 5) 2nd day of Hybrid Learning Huddle B Students at school; Huddle A Students connect synchronously at start of lessons
  • We will not have a late start the first week, the first day that Huddle B is on campus. We will begin these the week of September 14.
  • Daily Health Pass  All entering campus each day will need to complete and sign a Daily Health Pass.
  • Students will take home supplies from campus to be used at home; in isolated instances, families might need to purchase supplies to support asynchronous learning.
  • Drop offs and Pick-ups (please refer to this document)
  • Hybrid Presentation

Elementary students will not be going to the cafeteria for lunch. Please send a healthy lunch (and snack) to school with your child or order a box lunch from the cafeteria to be delivered to the classroom. Please contact the ES office regarding ordering lunches.