Updated: April 12, 2020
Please check the items in red that have been added to the list. 

For our Who We Are in Place and Time unit, third graders will be working on a number of small building projects at home. We hope these will prove to be challenging and fun, and perhaps something the whole family can get involved in, especially since everyone seems to have extra time on their hands! We want to give you a heads-up of some supplies that they will be needing during the next three weeks so that you can start to gather them:

  • a regular cleaning or dish sponge – will need on Monday
  • a Sharpie or other strong marker
  • marshmallows (the mini ones work best)
  • uncooked spaghetti noodles
  • masking tape
  • string
  • newspaper (or regular paper is fine if you don’t have newspaper)
  • one piece of strong cardboard or wood about 23cm x 28cm
  • cardboard rolls (toilet paper rolls)
  • block of wood
  • plastic drinking straws (about 10 of them should be plenty)
  • paper clip
  • pipe cleaner or something that could be used to join the straws together

Students will also need supplies they can use to build with such as: empty cardboard boxes or other plastic or aluminum containers (start to clean out and hold on to some recyclable items!); pieces of piping; foam rubber or styrofoam; pieces of wood; discarded items from your house you might not need anymore; duct tape; glue, hot glue; hammer and nails; staple gun, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: This is just a suggested list of items. During the last week of DL they will be building a structure of their own and can decide what kinds of materials they want to use and how to assemble it. You do not need to go buy or get all the items on this list. Also, if you do not have any of these particular items we are more than happy for students to improvise and come up with some innovative solutions or replacements. This is a great opportunity for them to demonstrate flexible thinking and creativity!

There is nothing you need to do at this time other than start to gather or save some potentially useful items for building with. Instructions for all the activities will be given to the students as we go through the unit.

Thank you again for your support at home.