On March 4th, AAS Public Relations emailed the AAS community a very important email. Below is a cut and paste that directly affects the customers (you) on Market Day.

No Parents or Outside Guests/Нет родителей или посторонних гостей
March 13 Grade 3 Market Day/13 марта 3 класс День рынка
March 17 MS/HS Variety Show
March 26 MS Drama
April 1-3 ES Drama
March 30 – April 3 IB Visual Arts Exhibition
There are three things you need to know.
First, thank you for the support you have been giving at home to help our young entrepreneurs. As of today, half of our students have submitted their materials/supplies list and have finalized the budgeting. The sooner we get the budgets turned in the sooner students can calculate their selling price. Also, they may decide to interview the AAS community to determine which price people are willing to pay.
Unfortunately, the COVID-19 safety protocol the AAS leadership team has put in place means that parents are NOT allowed to attend MARKET DAY. Administration and G3 teachers will do their best to video record the market and interviews with our young entrepreneurs to share with you.
To reduce the amount of people in one area, each class has a designated time for EXPO on March 20th. 3KS will have EXPO 12:50-1:35.
9:25-10:15- 3CB
11:30-12:15 – 3WA
12:50 -1:35 – 3KS
2:45-3:30 – 3CK
Because we will have a significant decrease in consumer activity, we are also accepting donations. These donations will go towards supporting the kids at the Lighthouse Children’s Hospice (the same charity to which all of the Market Day profits will be donated). If you are interested in donating, please send it in with your child before March 28th.
Thank you again for your support. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or stop by the classroom.