G3 Homework – Short Weeks & “WWA” Unit of Inquiry

Dear G3 Families,

The G3 team has decided to not send homework on short weeks. However, do please continue reading and discussing books and enjoying reading time together. Third graders could also use their regularly scheduled homework time to work on the math, language arts and/or reading goals they set for themselves.

Monday we had an 8th grader come to talk to the G3 classes about how she started the no plastic bottles at AAS and who influenced her to put her ideas into action. You can help by talking about the lines of inquiry for our current unit, “Who We Are,” to help our students understand these concepts even better.

There are also questions below if you want to choose one or a few to help engage your family in a discussion. This could be a fun topic at the dinner table.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your homeroom teacher.

“Who We Are” Lines of Inquiry:
– Characteristics of influential people
– How people influence others to act and change
– How we identify problems and solutions to bring about change.

Discussion questions:
-What are the characteristics of influential people?
-Who has influenced you?
-How have they influenced you?
-Who have you influenced?
-How have you influenced them?
-What are some problems in your communities (family, school, Moscow)?
-How do people create solutions to problems – how do they know which is the right solution?
-Does everything we do have an impact others?
-Who impacts us and why? Do you see a pattern? What does that look like? 
-How does peer pressure influence us?

Wishing you a lovely four-day weekend . . .

-The G3 Team

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