G3 Home Learning (Homework)

“Math home learning” (homework) is sent home each Monday. It is due on Friday but this may be extended to Monday, if needed.

Third graders should be bringing home a notebook with a “Weekly Math Homework” sheet glued inside. The purpose of math homework (or home learning) in third grade is to get weekly practice in each of the skills areas so these skills are kept fresh. If your child can not do certain problems, that is OK. Eventually, though, it is expected that third graders are able to do each type of problem they will have for math home learning.

No more than 10 minutes is expected for math home learning. Third graders should work on the problems they can do listed under each day on the math sheet, then stop.  They should be showing their work for the problems, if they can; not all problems require them to show their work (for example, What fraction of the circle is shaded? – they would not be expected to show their work to answer this question, nor would they be expected to show their work for basic fact problems). If your child is able to do more than the day’s problems on the sheet in ten minutes, then they can certainly do as much as they can in 10 minutes – if they can finish the whole page in 10 minutes, that’s fine, then they are done for the week! However, it is highly encouraged that all third grader spend at least 10 minutes each evening practicing math. If they finish the math sheet early in the week, then they could (should) spend 10 minutes working towards the math goal they set for themselves. IXL is a great online resource for math skills practice. 

The other 20 minutes of home learning time should be spent reading a just-right book. This reading time could be a “shared reading” (reading with someone who is a better reader) with a discussion about the book. Some of this reading time could also be spent reading in one’s native language. The important thing is to build reading stamina and fluency by staying focused on a book for at least 20 minutes.

Please notify your homeroom teacher if you have any questions regarding G3 home learning (homework).

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