Dear Parents of Grade 3 students,

The entire Grade 3 Team would like to thank you all for a wonderful start to the school year. As we establish our routines and procedures, we wanted to take a minute to communicate to you the best way to reach your classroom teachers. As we are usually teaching, in planning meetings or preparing lessons during the day, we ask that you please not plan to drop by before or after school to chat with us. It is difficult or sometimes impossible to stop our teaching or working with students to address you and give your questions our full attention. Additionally, our classrooms are often used for ASAs or Mother Tongue classes after school and we would not be able to have a quiet place to meet. If you do have a question or concern that you need to discuss with your child’s teacher, please send them an email and arrange a time or place to meet with them. We are looking forward to a wonderful year or working and learning together.



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