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Welcome to the Anglo-American School of Moscow’s Grade 3 Team Blog. Here you will find what’s happening in Grade 3 classrooms, student work and much more. Please check back often and feel free to leave us a message with your ideas, links and good thoughts.

Three-Way Conferences

Three-Way Conferences are this week! We look forward to this opportunity for students to share their strengths, areas for growth, and to set a learning goal with their parents and teachers.

We hold the Three-Way Conferences as an opportunity to value the students’ strengths, to encourage self-direction in their learning and to enhance the development of a growth mindset in our students.

Be sure to schedule a time with your child’s teacher through FAWeb, if you have not already. See you soon!

Unit 2 in Math

We are well into our second math unit of the year. This unit focuses on measurement, estimation and addition and subtraction skills. It introduces the concept of rounding numbers to the nearest ten and hundred to support estimation and mental math skills. Students are also introduced to the idea of calculating elapsed time (how long an event lasts, how long since an event began, how long until it ends, etc.) Of course, these are immensely practical skills for real life, but ones that many third graders also find challenging. Please practice this kind of thinking and problem solving at home. See the parent newsletter below for more information about the concepts in this unit and ways you can support your child at home. Eureka_Math_Grade_3_Module_2_Tips_for_Parents

Shaking off the break and hitting the ground running.

This week, students hit the ground running as the reconnected to our academics while also having a little time for fun with Halloween and a bit of exploration to the Lubyanka Science Park! It’s great to have everyone together and get back to the learning! November is really the start of the winter season for us so please ensure your child has the right clothing and gets there rest in the darkening days ahead. We’ve already had our first snow fall and eagerly await the next. 

A Note from Our Art Teacher . . .

Crafts for Halloween and other Celebrations

A few parents have inquired about where they may purchase art/craft materials for Halloween parties, and other upcoming festivities. Please find links here, as to where you will most probably  find what you need. Enjoy !!



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Сеть магазинов художественных товаров “Передвижник” представлена четырьмя филиалами на станциях метро “Маяковская”, “Курская”, “Речной вокзал”, а также “Китай-город”.



Наши магазины


Контактная информация магазинов Красный Карандаш. Телефоны, время работы, адреса магазинов и карты проезда.

Helen Arnold
SL & ES Art Teacher
AAS Moscow

How Full Is Your Bucket? – The Grade 2 & 3 Assembly Last Week

Grade 3 presented at the assembly on October 12, 2018. They shared their learning from the Who We Are unit of inquiry by reading the book How Full Is Your Bucket? – For Kids by Tom Rath and Mary Reckmeyer. This story gives an example of the “domino effect” and how one good deed leads to another. It supports the unit’s Central Idea: Through their ideas actions and attitudes people have sought to solve problems to bring about change.

A special thanks to the third graders who chose to give up their recess time for a week in order to prepare for the assembly. Thank you to all third grade who practiced the “Fill Your Bucket” song which was sung after the How Full Is Your Bucket? story presentation.

(Note: This video is “Unlisted” on YouTube. Only those with the link can view.)


Spirit Days for this School Year

Mark your calendars for . . .

Student Council Spirit Days!
Our Student Council is sponsoring spirit days. Student Council members will share more information about each of the days when they are closer. Below is a list of the Spirit Days for this school year:

  • Oct 31 – Halloween
  • Nov 16 – Crazy Hair Day
  • Dec 14 – Wacky Winter Day
  • Feb 8 – Back in Time/Back to the Future
  • Mar 15 – PJ Day
  • April 19 – Earth Colors
  • April 26 – Dress Like a Teacher/Student
  • May 17 – International Culture Day
  • May 31 – Sports Day

Pink + October = Pinktober

Middle and high school students have asked elementary students (ES) to join them in recognizing breast cancer awareness month, “Pinktober.” They are working with our ES student council to encourage students and staff to wear pink every Wednesday in October.

If students choose not to wear pink, they must come to school in their regular school uniform. However, they are encouraged to wear a pink ribbon, shoelaces, or some pink “accessory” with their uniform.

Last month students set several goals for their third grade year and then we met as a team (student, parent(s), and teacher) to conference about those goals. The process of goal setting is important because it (a.) helps students choose the direction they want to go, (b.) know exactly what they want to achieve, and (c.) know where they need to concentrate their efforts. Each student chose a Math, Literacy (reading or writing), and a free choice goal. The free choice goals were individualized to each student’s interest, e.g., viola, swimming, learning an additional language, etc.  Please check in often with your child about their goals. You could ask how they feel they are progressing, what they are doing to achieve their goal, and what help they may need. As always, your support at home will facilitate your child’s success.

Recap of G3 – What’s Goin On

Mathematics Unit 1

Students are now well into the topics of multiplication and division. Here is an outline of the key learning concepts from Unit 1. Much of this unit is spent on the representation of multiplication and discovering key concepts such as the commutative and distributive properties. These lessons can also be supported through LearnZillion, a free website that teaches in line with the Common Core standards of math. Demonstrate the commutativity of multiplication, and practice related facts by skip-counting objects in array models. The Mid-Module assessment is coming up. This is an assessment to help teachers know where each student is and what reteaching or extensions need to be put in place.

Unit of Inquiry: The Power of Influence

Students are tuning in and finding out how people influence others. What are the characteristics of influential people; and what methods do others use to influence us. Strongly connected to our writing unit (biographies), students will discover how these people have caused change and solved problems. Help us by talking to your child about influential people in your life, peer pressure and how to make the right choices.

Reading: Readers use strategies to understand what they read.

Students continue focusing on the habits of good readers. Strategies such as predicting, summarizing, clarifying, and inferring will all be considered and practiced as students begin to consider their habits as readers. Students are also encouraged to make connections to the books they read. Click Here to see some thinking stems you can use to help at home. Grade 3 has started a Reading Log online form this year. Grade 3 has created an online Reading Log form that allows students to create a reading list. They can record books they liked and disliked and write reviews about the books they read. Grade 3 have kicked off our ‘40 Book Challenge’ and can use the Reading Log form to record their reading.

Writing: Biographies

The story of a person’s life will be the focus of our first writing unit. Students are planning and organizing their thinking and writing with the intention to publish the biography of an influential person.

Thank you,

Grade 3


Goal-Setting Conferences!

Hello Parents,

We are looking forward to sitting down with parents and students this Friday for Goal-Setting Conferences. Your child has been spending time this week self-reflecting on themselves as learners to think about their strengths and areas for growth and have chosen several goals they want to work on this year. Each student will set one goal in math, one in language Aarts (reading and writing) and one will be an organizational or social skills-related goal. Some students may choose to set a fourth goal for themselves as well. While teachers and parents will give their own input, your can expect that your child will have a very active role in this conference.

Please do your very best to arrive at your scheduled time. We will need to stick firmly to the schedule as many families have sibling conferences to attend as well. Students should come in their formal dress uniform for this conference.

If you are not able to attend the conference this week, please let your child’s teacher know.

Your continued partnership is invaluable for your child’s education, and we look forward to the chance to meet with you!

The Grade 3 Teachers