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Welcome to the Anglo-American School of Moscow’s Grade 3 Team Blog. Here you will find what’s happening in Grade 3 classrooms, student work and much more. Please check back often and feel free to leave us a message with your ideas, links and good thoughts.

Collecting Non-Organic Garbage in Grade Three

Dear Grade Three Parents,

On Monday, January 30th, third grade is started a learning experience in our Sharing the Planet unit of inquiry. Your third grader should be coming home every day with a garbage bag and a reflection journal.

Starting on Monday morning at school, third-grade students began to put all of their non-organic garbage into a garbage bag labeled with their name and class. They will need to ensure that no organic matter gets put in the bag to avoid odors from decomposition (containers need to be rinsed out). The collecting of garbage will happen both at home and at school. At school, the students will be responsible for their garbage bag, taking it from class to class throughout the day. The bag needs to be taken home and brought back to school each day. At home, the students will also be responsible for ensuring that it stays with them and that all the non-organic garbage that they create is collected. Third graders will collect their garbage until Friday, February 3rd.

Each day, your third grader will make a reflection in a reflection journal, while considering the Central Idea, Lines of Inquiry, Key Concepts and Related Concepts the Sharing the Planet unit of inquiry.

Central Idea

Consumption of resources has an impact on the environment.

Lines of Inquiry

  • Resources that are used to produce…
  • Our role as consumers
  • Impact products have on the environment

Key Concepts

  • Responsibility
  • Connection

Related Concepts

  • Consumption
  • Impact
  • Consequences
  • Resources

It is hoped that this exercise will give our students an opportunity to reflect on their role as a consumer, the resources that are used to produce the items they consume, and the impact that products have on the environment.

We very much appreciate your help and support with this project.


The Third Grade Teaching Team

Visit to the Vernadsky State Geological Museum

On Tuesday and Thursday this week, Grade 3 classes had the opportunity to visit the Vernadsky State Geological Museum a scientific, educational and cultural centre dedicated to Earth sciences. Students were able to view and touch some of the collection of over 300,000 minerals, rocks and fossils. Students also visited the Planet Earth exhibition which teaches visitors about the inner structure of our planet and tells about the origin of rocks, movement of the Earth’s plates, and the causes of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

Below you can check out some photographs of students exploring the exhibits.

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Author Visit and Math Course

Hello and a very Happy New Year to everyone! It has been wonderful welcoming both new and returning students to the Grade Three Village. 

Grade Three is off on our first field trip of the  year next week to the Vernadsky State Geological Museum. Please be sure you have signed and returned your child’s permission slip.

AAS is very lucky to be hosting visiting author Curtis Jobling next week. Please see a message from our librarians about his visit below:

Dear Parents,

 Next week, the library is thrilled to present author Curtis Jobling.  His work spans all ages, from picture books like Raa Raa the Noisy Lion to the Wereworld series for young adults, and several of his works have been adapted to television series!

 We welcome you to a session that he will hold just for parents.  Come to the Malyy on Wednesday, January 18, at 12:15-1:00 for a special parent session.  This session will focus on his career in creative industries, designing children’s television and authoring books.  He will do live illustration, cartoon screening, and book readings with a particular focus on the arts and creativity.  His focus: reading for pleasure is a key element in the development of the child, and it can unlock huge potential!  It will be a fun, irreverent, relevant, and inspiring talk!

 There are books available for purchase, across the grade levels.  We will try to ensure that every patron has the book that they would like, but the stock is limited, particularly with the picture books.  All picture books will be 700 rubles, and books can be signed for the student or for another person as a gift.  Please give all contact information (student name, grade and teacher, parent contact information, who the book is for, and the book preference) with the money if you wish to purchase.  We will keep “bookmarks” for the books with this contact information so that the signing can remain organized for all.

    In addition, there is a wonderful opportunity for parents to participate in a course to learn more about how children learn math, the importance of growth mindsets, the value of making mistakes, and a number of other topics crucial to the teaching of math. If you are interested in this course, please see more information about it below:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Math and Mindset for Students

Grade 3-5 Assembly – G3 Teaches the RDWW Strategy

Last Friday, December 2nd, a group of third-grade students taught their peers about the RDWW strategy in math. Click HERE to see the video of their presentation.

Special thanks to to the third graders who gave up their recess time for two weeks to prepare for this assembly and did a fabulous job!
3WA – Elena and Tanya
3BE – Alex and Sofia
3MA – Majid and William
3CK – Athina and Gene
3KJ – Antonia and Elizabeth

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Taganka Gift Giving Fund

Happy Holiday’s

The Elementary Student Council would like to encourage all students and families to support the Taganka Gift Giving Fund, taking place from:

November 25th to December 13th.

As a caring community, we would like to contribute Christmas gifts to the Taganka Foundation which is an organization that supports children with special needs.

The items need to new and include :

Winter Hat
Gloves or mittens
Books in Russian
Christmas Candy
Art supplies

Items should represent the same age as the children in Grade 3, so 8 and 9 year olds.

Gift giving bags, with a checklist have already been handed out on November 25th.
Please return the filled bags by December 13th.

To discover more about the Taganka Fund please visit the website:

Elementary School Student Council and the Grade 3 team thanks you for your support!

Ice Skating is Starting Soon in PE!

Dear ES students, parents and teachers,

Rehearsal for putting on and lacing ice skates
DECEMBER 12th -15th 2016 (Monday– Thursday)
ALL STUDENTS are required to bring in their ice skates to PE class

We will NOT be skating.  Students will practice putting on skates, and we will check the sharpness of blades. Please have new skates ready with laces in eyelets ready for lacing up.


Ice Skating Season at AAS Starts Immediately after the Winter Break on
Monday – January 9th 2017

WHO: All students skate as part of the PE program
WHEN: Once a week during one of your PE classes (class skate day schedule given in December)
WHAT TO BRING: (Please label all skating gear with your name)
Ice Skates ready that fit, sharpened with laces ready to tie
Hood on coat OR a thin pullover beanie cap with no pom-poms (to wear under helmet)
Snow pants
Warm coat
Strong non-tear bag for skates, the school store sells ice skate bags
Piece of cloth or small towel for wiping the blades clean

Parents are invited to come and help Pre-K to 2nd grade students lace their ice skates


A helmet with face-guard  ( NO bicycle helmet or helmets without a face guard allowed )
Students may bring ice hockey helmets if they have their own.


Sportmaster (www.sportmaster.ru)  50 locations
sharpening can be done on site when you buy skates (check new skates for sharpness) and they will sharpen dull skates you bring in

If you have additional questions please come to see us,

Thank you all, Heath Buggs, Katie Lennon, Todd Wohlberg