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Welcome to the Anglo-American School of Moscow’s Grade 3 Team Blog. Here you will find what’s happening in Grade 3 classrooms, student work and much more. Please check back often and feel free to leave us a message with your ideas, links and good thoughts.

Some things to note in the last two weeks of school . . .

A special notice from the Health Office: A small number of parents will be receiving a reminder from the Health Office to update the health records and immunisations of your child over the summer holiday. Please do give this top priority. It is a legal requirement for students in Russia and continued enrolment is dependent on it.  Thank you for your understanding. 

On Monday, June 11 we’ll support the library’s BLU (Book Lover’s United) Week by wearing as much blue as students want. 

Next week (week of June 11) we will have the grades 3 and 4 recorder concert. Please click here for important details. (Don’t forget that black dress shoes are required as part of the formal uniform.)

Thank you to our Room Parents who are pulling our end of the year parties together. This year, our end of year parties will be held on Monday, June 18, at 14:45

Finally, please plan ahead for the last day of school, June 20 which will not be a late start day. Children should be at school 8:30 – 12:00. You are invited to join us for the Closing Ceremony at 11:00, in the North Gym. 

Grade 3’s Zero Plastic Snack Day

Grade 3 is participating in CNN’s Zero-Plastic Lunch Day next Friday, June 8. As most of our students buy their lunch and don’t actually produce much plastic waste at lunch time (hooray!!) we will aim for a Zero-Plastic Snack Day instead. Please talk with your child and think through their typical packed snacks for school. Think about how much plastic or other trash waste is produced from a typical snack, and see if you can think of ways you can reduce or eliminate that waste. One simple way is to switch to chopped fruits or veggies packed in a re-usable container. Much better for the environment and healthier too! Our goal is to produce no plastic waste from our snack on June 8, though some classes may even be extending the challenge to the entire week!  Please see the link below with more information!   http://cdn.cnn.com/cnn/2018/images/04/19/zeroplasticlunch-eng.pdf

What’s Happening in Third Grade?

As we are nearing the end of the 2017-18 school year, here is what’s happening in third grade . . .

ELA: We are in the middle of an informational writing unit which merges well with our unit of inquiry. Third-graders have become travel guides, in a sense, as they research and write about notable structures or landmarks within Russia and beyond. They are writing ‘editorial summaries’ which will be curated on a Google map. Viewers will be able to click on a map ‘pin’ and read about a ‘must-see’ structure or landmark to visit in a particular area of the world. Ms. Hart, our Elementary IT Integrationist, shared some great tips on how to perform a Google search to effectively and efficiently find information on a topic.

To go along with our informational writing unit, third grade has been reading a lot of nonfiction and informational text. These are some questions they are using to guide them as readers in this genre:

  • How do readers find what they are looking for?
  • How is reading informational texts different than reading fiction?
  • How do text features support the text?
  • Why do we read informational texts?
  • What is important information?
  • How do readers know if what they are reading is true?

As part of our reading and writing units, students have been exposed to websites that look real and creditable but are, in fact, completely fake. This is to build their awareness of creditable sources and to realize that not everything they read on the internet is true. Also, the author’s point-of-view must be considered when reading information in print and online.

Math: Polygons and perimeter are a big focus in Unit 7. Please check this third-grade blog for Mr. King’s “What’s happening in math?” post to get all the news about this unit as well as resources on how to help your third-grader at home. Meanwhile, Mr. King put together this tutorial which you may have already seen in your email inbox:

Additional Support:

Unit of Inquiry: Third-graders have transitioned from the ‘young entrepreneurs’ they were in our last unit, to ‘young engineers’ for our current unit, Where We Are in Place and Time.

Central idea: Structures provide evidence of time and place and have been purposefully designed and constructed.

Lines of inquiry:

  • How structures provide evidence of time and place (Evolution of design features of structures)
  • Why people build structures (Environmental factors affecting structural design)
  • Creating our own structures for a purpose (Scientific principles of design and structure – post and lintel, foundation, patterns of strength, squares/triangles, arches, beams, columns, buttresses)

To observe the amazing architecture in Moscow, third grade went on a Moscow River cruise. This trip provided students with the authentic opportunity to apply this unit’s central idea and lines of inquiry to the structures, buildings, and bridges they were seeing in real life rather than in a picture. Students were diligent about taking notes in their special notebooks as the guide told them about the sites they were seeing during our tour on the river. It was a worthwhile and enjoyable learning experience for everyone.

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Soon, our ‘young engineers’ will apply their newly acquired architectural knowledge and understanding of the scientific principles of design to construct their own structures using recycled materials, but keeping in mind the materials that would realistically be used. A big thanks to everyone who sent in their recyclables!

It won’t be long now before our students will be exiting their homeroom classrooms for the very last time as a third-grader! Please be sure to let your homeroom teacher know if your family plans to depart early for summer break.

The third-grade team is looking forward to a strong finish to the 2017-18 school year. Thank you for your support thus far!

What’s happening in math?

Grade three is currently in the middle of Eureka Unit 7.

In Unit 7, the final unit of the year, students will work with word problems, as well as hands-on inquiries with geometry and perimeter. Additionally, students will solve multi-step word problems, classify shapes based on their attributes, learn what a tessellation is, study perimeter and area, and end with a review of Grade 3 foundational skills.

IXL for Unit 7:
Topic A: CC.2, DD.3, FF.4, FF.6
Topic B: FF.1, FF.2
Topic C: U.7, U.8, FF.5, FF.11
Topic D: FF.1, FF.8, FF.10, FF.9, FF.13
Topic E: None scheduled

IXL for Summer or year end review:
If you would like some math practice for your child over the summer, here is a link to the IXL Year in review. It covers everything we have covered this year and would be beneficial for your child to work on over the summer break to keep their brains tuned to math as well as prep for G4.

Grade 3 Expo

Our Grade 3 Expo, which celebrated our learning in our How We Organize Ourselves Unit of Inquiry, was a huge success with a tremendous turn out! The students worked very hard over the course of a few months to learn about the economic principles of supply and demand, the difference between needs and wants and goods and services. Students planned for their own small business, conducted Market Research to help them make decisions about what to sell, and created advertisements to let others know about their business. On Market Day, they ran their business and then had the following week to calculate their profits and reflect on the level of sucess of their business and think about what they might do differently the next time. They shared all of this learning at the Grade 3 Expo, and we are so pleased that so many of the parents were able to attend. Thank you all for making the effort to join us on that very special day in which we celebrated a lot of hard work and incredible learning!

Grade 3 Expo – Market Day Reflections

How We Organise Ourselves Expo

When: Friday 4th May 2018

Time: 8:30am – 9:30am

Where: Grade 3 Hallway and Classrooms

You are encouraged to join your child to experience their learning journey throughout this unit. Students will share with you their understanding of the process of running a business and how to evaluate entrepreneurial success.

Click on the links below to get an overview of last week’s Market Day!


Photo Album

Upcoming U.o.I. info and request

Dear Parents

For next unit of inquiry, Where We Are in Place and Time, students will be inquiring into the central idea:

Structures provide evidence of time and place and have been purposefully designed and constructed

Students will be exploring the following lines of inquiry:

  • How structures provide evidence of time and place
  • Why people build structures
  • Creating our own structures for a purpose

As part of this unit, students will be asked to design and create a model of a structure using recycled materials. This means that we will need lots and lots of recyclable materials.

We request that students start to collect and bring into school any of the following materials:

  • Paper and Cardboard – toilet paper rolls, cardboard tubes,  clean cardboard boxes, egg cartons
  • Plastic – bottles and containers, bottle tops
  • Cans – soda or tin cans
  • Please rinse out any bottle or cans that are sent in.

Located in our Grade 3 Makerspace (in the center of the G3 Hallway) you will find tubs where students can drop in their materials. Students may begin bringing materials beginning today.

Thank you for your support.

The Grade 3 Team