Class Parents Needed

A message from the PTO:


  • Our elementary school students love it when their parents get involved in school!
  • Becoming a class parent is a great way to participate in your child’s class, build stronger relationships with teachers, meet other parents, and get involved with the PTO.
  • We are looking for two parents per classroom.
  • No experience necessary!  Training and support will be provided.
  • More information and the sign-up link will be in next week’s newsletter.  In the meantime, please email Liz Kirkwood at with any questions.

Grade 2 Happenings for the week of January 14-18, 2019

Unit of Inquiry

The Grade 2 students are ending their current unit of inquiry, How We Organize Ourselves, this week.  Students have been researching how a product of their choosing is made, from raw materials to end product.  Be sure to take a look at 2GA’s bulletin board for examples!


We are continuing with our fourth Math unit, which is about adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers.  The skills that the students will learn about during this unit is one of the core standards for Grade 2 in Math.  Throughout the unit, students will be encouraged to use multiple strategies when solving the Math problems.  For ways that parents can reinforce the Math vocabulary and strategies the students will be learning during this unit, please refer to the Math Tips for Parents – Unit 4 document.


Our current writing unit, How-To, links directly to our How We Organize Ourselves unit of inquiry and to our Non-Fiction reading unit.  Students are writing detailed step-by-step instructions for how to do or make somethings.  Here are a few ways parents can support the how-to process writing at home:

  • Have your child help you cook a meal, following a recipe.  Discuss the step-by-step directions for the recipe and why it is important for the recipe to have clear, detailed directions.
  • Have your child write step-by-step directions for how to do or make something that they know but you (the parent) does not.  Parent tries out child’s instructions to see if they reach the desired or correct end.

Important Upcoming Dates

  • Grade 2 will start their second round of swimming the week of January 28-February 1, 2019check your child’s class schedule to see which day of the week your child will be swimming
  • January 29th: Yearbook Photo Day for new students and students who were absent for the photo day in the fall (student who will have their photo taken this day will need to wear their formal uniform)
  • February 1st: ES Winter Field Day and Term 1 report cards shared with parents
  • February 6-9: PTO Used Book Fair – more information about this will be shared with parents by your child’s teacher
  • February 18-22: February Break

Help with the Library’s Bulletin Board

Our librarians would like our help with their bulletin board.  Please read their message below:

Our winter bulletin board won’t be complete without your help. We need pictures of students reading books outside in the snow. Students can either stop by the library to bring printed photos to be added to the board or they can email Ms. K ( or Ms. Kris ( and we will print them out ourselves.

Grade 2 Happenings – Nov. 19-23, 2018

Grade 2 students have spent this week continuing with the following units:

  • Reading: Author Study
    • Questions to ask your child: What makes this author unique compared to other authors?  How is this author different from other authors?
  • Writing: Opinion (book reviews)
    • Question to ask your child: Why do writers share their opinion?
  • Math: Unit 3 – Place Value
    • Questions to ask your child: What is the difference between “place” and “value”?  How can I count effectively and efficiently?
  • Unit of Inquiry: Sharing the Planet
    • Questions to ask your child: How do living things adapt to changing conditions in order to survive?

Three-Way Conferences

Thank you for coming to conferences today with your child.  We hope that you enjoyed seeing what your child has been learning in the classroom!

Taganka Gift Giving Fund

It is time for the annual Taganka Gift Giving Fund, sponsored by the elementary school student council.  Gift bags were passed out to students on Tuesday, with a list of items the the student council is requesting (all the items must be new, not used).  Please read the message below from student council, which explains the Taganka Gift Giving Fund:

As a caring community, we would like to contribute holiday gifts to the Taganka Foundation, which is an organization that supports children with special needs.  We encourage your child to bring in the following new items in the gift bags that were distributed to them:

  • winter hat
  • scarf
  • gloves or mittens
  • toy or game
  • Russian book
  • holiday candy
  • art supplies

These items should represent the age or grade level of your child.  Please return the filled gift bags by December 7th.  Student Council thanks you for your support!


Grade 2 started our new unit of inquiry, Sharing the Planet, this week.  Each class looked at pictures showing different things that have affected habitats.  The students then shared what they noticed, their wonderings, and their connections.

In Math, we started our second unit, which is about measurement.  Check out these vocabulary words that we will be discussing during this unit.

Grade 2 students are finishing their Personal Narrative writing unit this week.  We will be revisiting Personal Narratives later this school.

Looking Ahead:

School Spirit Days for the 2018-2019 school year (sponsored by the elementary Student Council):

  • Oct 31 – Halloween
  • Nov 16 – Crazy Hair Day
  • Dec 14 – Wacky Winter Day
  • Feb 8- Back in Time/Back to the Future
  • Mar 15 – Pajama Day
  • April 19 – Earth Colors
  • April 26 – Dress Like a Teacher/Student
  • May 17 – International Culture Day
  • May 31 – Sports Day

Be sure to add these school spirit days to your calendar!


The High School Peer Helpers have asked the elementary school to join them in Pinktober again this school year. Students are invited to wear pink in place of their school uniforms on each Wednesday in October.

*Please note that on October 31 the elementary school will be celebrating Halloween, so we will not take part in Pinktober on the 31st.

Grade 2 Happenings: September 3-7, 2018

This week, Grade 2 started our first Math unit, Sums and Differences to 20.  To see what everyone already knows, we explored the different ways to show 10 and the different ways to show 20.

When we are solving Math word (or story) problems, we have started using the Read, Draw, Write, Write (RDWW) strategy to show all of our thinking as we figure out the answer.

To start our Who We Are unit of inquiry, we discussed what the 4 parts of well-being are (social, emotional, physical, intellectual).  We will be exploring these parts of well-being during the next few weeks.  We also discussed choices that we make and how they can impact our well-being.

Looking Ahead:

  • Yearbook photos start next week.  Your child’s teacher will notify you which day your child will need to wear their formal uniform to school to have their yearbook photo taken.
  • Friday, September 21st will not be a regular school day.  The elementary school will have the first of our parent conferences, the Goal Setting Conference.  You will receive more information about this in the coming weeks, including how to sign up for a time to meet with your child’s teacher.