Please read the message below from the Elementary School Student Council and Global Impact Club:

On November 1st we began our Movember celebrations to bring awareness to Men’s Health, particularly related to cancer prevention.  On Thursdays in November students may wear blue for Movember. The PTO has a limited supply of Movember blue shirts for 1000 rubles. Shirt sales will benefit Men’s Health.

Next Unit of Inquiry: Sharing the Planet

The Grade 2 classes have started our 2nd unit of inquiry, Sharing the Planet.

Central idea: Conflict over habitats impacts the interdependence of living things and requires solution. 

Guiding questions:

  • How are living things in a habitat interdependent on each other?
  • How do things in nature change?
  • Why do habitats change?
  • Which habitats are more susceptible to change than others?  Why are they more susceptible?
  • How are habitats balanced?
  • How do habitats change?  How do we know they have changed?
  • What is conflict?  What causes conflict?
  • How do living things adapt to changing conditions in order to survive?
  • How do choices affect/impact a habitat?  How do choices affect/impact a habitat over time?
  • What is impact?
  • What is my responsibility to habitats?

For more information about what your child will be learning about during this unit, please take a look at the Sharing the Planet information poster.

If you would like contribute to this unit in any way, please let us know. Parent volunteers and guest speakers/presentations are always welcome.


The Elementary School Student Council would like for Wednesdays this month to be Alternate Dress in Pink in order to celebrate Breast Cancer awareness and in honor of MP (Melissa Pellerin) Strong.  Students may come to school on Wednesdays during the month of October dressed in anything pink.  If a student does not wish to participate, they must wear their regular school uniform.

AAS 70th Anniversary Dress Up Days

During the week of October 7th-11th, the entire school will have various ways to celebrate the 70th anniversary of AAS (the school was founded in 1949).  One of the ways that the elementary school students will celebrate is by dressing up each day in clothing from the designated decades in the school’s history.

Here are the decades that the students may dress up as each day:

  • Monday (Oct. 7th): 1940s and 1950s
  • Tuesday (Oct. 8th): 1960s and 1970s
  • Wednesday (Oct. 9th): Pinktober (dress up in anything pink to bring attention to cancer)
  • Thursday (Oct. 10th): 1980s and 1990s
  • Friday (Oct. 11th): 2000s and 2010s

If students do not wish to participate in the dress up days, they must wear their regular school uniform.

Class Parents Needed

A message from the PTO:


  • Our elementary school students love it when their parents get involved in school!
  • Becoming a class parent is a great way to participate in your child’s class, build stronger relationships with teachers, meet other parents, and get involved with the PTO.
  • We are looking for two parents per classroom.
  • No experience necessary!  Training and support will be provided.
  • More information and the sign-up link will be in next week’s newsletter.  In the meantime, please email Liz Kirkwood at with any questions.

Grade 2 Happenings for the week of January 14-18, 2019

Unit of Inquiry

The Grade 2 students are ending their current unit of inquiry, How We Organize Ourselves, this week.  Students have been researching how a product of their choosing is made, from raw materials to end product.  Be sure to take a look at 2GA’s bulletin board for examples!


We are continuing with our fourth Math unit, which is about adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers.  The skills that the students will learn about during this unit is one of the core standards for Grade 2 in Math.  Throughout the unit, students will be encouraged to use multiple strategies when solving the Math problems.  For ways that parents can reinforce the Math vocabulary and strategies the students will be learning during this unit, please refer to the Math Tips for Parents – Unit 4 document.


Our current writing unit, How-To, links directly to our How We Organize Ourselves unit of inquiry and to our Non-Fiction reading unit.  Students are writing detailed step-by-step instructions for how to do or make somethings.  Here are a few ways parents can support the how-to process writing at home:

  • Have your child help you cook a meal, following a recipe.  Discuss the step-by-step directions for the recipe and why it is important for the recipe to have clear, detailed directions.
  • Have your child write step-by-step directions for how to do or make something that they know but you (the parent) does not.  Parent tries out child’s instructions to see if they reach the desired or correct end.

Important Upcoming Dates

  • Grade 2 will start their second round of swimming the week of January 28-February 1, 2019check your child’s class schedule to see which day of the week your child will be swimming
  • January 29th: Yearbook Photo Day for new students and students who were absent for the photo day in the fall (student who will have their photo taken this day will need to wear their formal uniform)
  • February 1st: ES Winter Field Day and Term 1 report cards shared with parents
  • February 6-9: PTO Used Book Fair – more information about this will be shared with parents by your child’s teacher
  • February 18-22: February Break