Dear Parents,

In support of our current Unit of Inquiry, How the World Works, the Grade 2 Expo will be held next Friday, March 13, from 8:40-10:10 with a few modifications.

Students have been working hard learning about simple machines and forces and motion, and creating their own machines. They are very excited to share their learning process with you.

In order to keep below the ‘50’ person limit mentioned in yesterday’s message from AAS Public Relations about the coronavirus, we need to stagger the times each Grade 2 class will present to parents. Please find the schedule below.

Expo schedule:
-2EH: 8:40-9:10
-2TE: 9:00-9:30
-2KJ: 9:20-9:50
-2MS: 9:40-10:10

Please note:
-We ask that you arrive 5 minutes or so before your child’s scheduled start time and to come directly to your child’s classroom where the kids will be waiting for you.

-Following the presentation, all parents will need to exit the campus immediately in order for us to stay within the ‘50’ person limit.

-Unfortunately, due to the current situation, only parents are invited. Other guests will not be able to enter the school at this time.

-If your child has already provided you with an invitation, please make sure to note the new times mentioned above.

The kids are excited and looking forward to your visit!