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We hope you are enjoying the summer holiday and are looking forward to the new school year as much as we are.

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It looks like this  (Grade 2).

We wish you and your child the very best for this next year and thank you all for your support last year.

The Grade 2 Team.

Distance Learning – Submitting Work

With regard to submitting work online, just as we do in the classroom, there will be times when the children’s work is required to be submitted but there will also be ongoing activities that do not need to be uploaded.

The children should be following the clearly set directions for each slide/subject area and not submitting all of their work.

It is important that the children have dated and labelled their work and if submitting through Seesaw that they are using the correct folders. They know this but may need reminding.

We thank you for your support.

The Grade 2 Team – online!

Grade 2 Expo – THANK YOU!

Dear Parents,

The whole grade level (students, teachers, instructional assistants) would like to say a great big THANK YOU for coming to our Expo this morning!

If you were unable to come to the Expo, take a look at the students’ learning journey for this unit in the photos below. Be sure to also take a look at your child’s reflection about this unit on Seesaw.

-The Grade 2 Team


Grade Two Reminders

Grade 2 EXPO schedule:

-2EH: 8:40-9:10
-2TE: 9:00-9:30
-2KJ: 9:20-9:50
-2MS: 9:40-10:10

Please be aware:

– We ask that you arrive 5 minutes or so before your child’s scheduled start time and to come directly to your child’s classroom where the kids will be waiting for you.
– Following the presentation all parents will need to exit the campus immediately following their child’s presentation in order to stay in the “less than 50 individuals” rule.
– If you are unable to attend, please let us know and we will have a stand-in for you.

-The students are expected to wear their official school uniform.

Grade 3 Market Day for students, faculty and staff only!

Parents and outside guests will not be able to attend. Please send coins and small notes to purchase products and services, such as games, sweets and other fun items. The price range for items will be from 20 to 500 RUR.

Crazy Hair Day

Grade 2 students are encouraged to participate, but they will have to wear their official school uniform for the EXPO.

Grade 2 EXPO of Learning

Dear Parents,

In support of our current Unit of Inquiry, How the World Works, the Grade 2 Expo will be held next Friday, March 13, from 8:40-10:10 with a few modifications.

Students have been working hard learning about simple machines and forces and motion, and creating their own machines. They are very excited to share their learning process with you.

In order to keep below the ‘50’ person limit mentioned in yesterday’s message from AAS Public Relations about the coronavirus, we need to stagger the times each Grade 2 class will present to parents. Please find the schedule below.

Expo schedule:
-2EH: 8:40-9:10
-2TE: 9:00-9:30
-2KJ: 9:20-9:50
-2MS: 9:40-10:10

Please note:
-We ask that you arrive 5 minutes or so before your child’s scheduled start time and to come directly to your child’s classroom where the kids will be waiting for you.

-Following the presentation, all parents will need to exit the campus immediately in order for us to stay within the ‘50’ person limit.

-Unfortunately, due to the current situation, only parents are invited. Other guests will not be able to enter the school at this time.

-If your child has already provided you with an invitation, please make sure to note the new times mentioned above.

The kids are excited and looking forward to your visit!


Aquatics in Grade 2

As you may know, due to current health concerns, the pool will be closed from today, Thursday the 5th of March. Please note when the children are scheduled to swim they will still participate in physical activity. The swim instructors will provide: 1) dry-land training, 2) land games, or 3) outdoor playtime (depending on the availability of facilities).

 All Term 3 ASAs involving the pool have also been cancelled. These include: ES Swim Club, Splash & Deep End Water Games.

Thank you for your understanding

The Grade 2 Team

Grade 3 Market Day

The students in Grade 3 will have their annual Market Day next Friday, March 13th. The Market Day is part of the Grade 3 unit of inquiry How We Organize Ourselves, during which they have been learning that economic activity relies on a system of exchange and consumption of goods and services. Each Grade 3 student wrote a business plan for a product or service to sell during Market Day.

For Market Day on March 13th, students should bring in small notes and coins to purchase the products and services (such as sweets, games, and other fun items) from the Grade 3 entrepreneurs. The price range for the goods and services will be 20 rubles to 500 rubles.

Math Unit 5: Addition and Subtraction to numbers within 1,000

Beginning this week…Math unit 5: (From Eureka) In Module 5, students build upon their mastery of renaming place value units and extend their work with conceptual understanding of the addition and subtraction algorithms to numbers within 1,000, always with the option of modeling with materials or drawings.

Please see links below for more Unit 5 information.

-Unit 5 vocabulary 

-Unit 5 Parent Tips

-Unit 5 Topic A information

-Unit 5 Topic B information

Reminder: Expo is Friday March 13th!

As the kids work to finish their compound machines, please note that the Grade 2 Expo is next Friday the 13th of March from 9:00am until 10:00am. Expo is a chance for the children to share their learning for our Unit of Inquiry: How the World Works, with you. Your children will be bringing home an invitation for you this week, please look out for it.

The Grade 2 Team

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