Sharing the Planet – Homework

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Dear Parents,

Students have been reading books in the library and online about different types of habitats. They have been completing different activities about Sustainability, Human Impact, Responsibility and other related concepts during this unit, Sharing the Planet. Over our Fall break next week, we would like to ask students to take a photo of themselves in the habitat they visit to help them make a personal connection. You can print them out or email it to your child’s teacher.

If your family is staying in Moscow over break, we would like to encourage your child to explore another part of Moscow and think of some ways they have an impact on this environment.

Warm regards,

The Grade 2 Team

PinkTober (starts tomorrow)

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High School Peer Helpers is doing a Pinktober initiative to encourage students to wear pink on all of the Wednesdays in October to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Peer Helpers would like to make this a contest to see how many students (and teachers) in each class wear pink.

Student Council reps will be in charge of tallying the Pinktober participants. (Grades PK-1 teachers will tally themselves.)

Thank you for your support.

Student Council

Unit of Inquiry – Sharing the Planet




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Dear Parents,

The Grade 2 classes are starting our second Unit of Inquiry next week– Sharing the Planet.

Central Idea: Consequences of human interactions with natural habitats enable us to make informed choices.

An inquiry into:

  • Conflict between habitats and space
  • How living things respond to changing habitat conditions
  • Choices that support the survival of habitats

If you would like contribute to this unit in any way, please let us know. Parent volunteers and guest speakers/presentations are always welcome.

Thank you!

Grade 2 Teachers

Unit 1 Math Newsletter

Dear Parents,

We are slowly beginning our first math unit: Sums and Differences to 20.  You can find more information here in the G2 Unit 1 Newsletter.  In addition, we have another resource of information here in G2 Unit 1 Topic A Newsletter   It has helpful information for parents to know what exactly we’ll be doing and the terminology you will hear your student using.  Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Kind regards,
The Grade 2 Team

G2 Parents 2016-17

Dear Parents of 2016-17 Grade 2 Students,

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Best wishes for the new school year,

The Grade 2 Team

First Day of School

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Dear Parents,

The Grade 2 Team is looking forward to a great year with your child! We would like to highlight the following items as school starts.
On the first day of school, students should arrive at their classrooms between 8:25 – 8:30 am.

After the first day of school, students who arrive before 8:20 am should go to the playground until the morning bell rings. (before 9:05 am on late start)
The playground will be supervised from 8:00 am (8:50 am on Wednesdays).
A bell will be rung on the playground at 8:25 am (late Start – 9:10 am). This is a signal for the children to line up. Instruction begins immediately.  Please be on time.  Students will be counted as tardy after 8:35 am (9:20 am on Wednesdays).

Call the office at 231-4482 before 9:00 am to report your child’s absence.
If your child will arrive after 8:35 am, go directly to the office to report tardiness and collect a late pass before your child joins the class. This ensures that your child will be marked tardy rather than absent.

Please provide a healthy snack and a spill-proof water bottle daily.  Fruit, vegetables, cheese, juice and yoghurts/yoghurt drinks are a few suggestions.
Note that microwaving and refrigeration are not available.

Please submit lunch orders through the school website online.

Uniform/Extra Clothing
Clearly label your child’s uniform with their name and class.
We request that a change of clothing be provided and left at school in case a child needs to change during the day.

PE Uniform – red AAS PE top and bottom (navy blue or black shorts/tracksuit). Children will have PE two times per week, beginning the first week of school.

Outdoor Clothing
We go outside at least twice a day every day.  Individual children may not stay indoors during recess if everyone else is outdoors. Please prepare your child for our changeable Moscow weather by sending appropriate outdoor clothing, including rain gear and boots when needed.

Indoor/Outdoor Shoes
Each child is requested to have a pair of “indoor shoes” to be kept at school.
“Indoor shoes” are worn in the school building and should be non-slip and suitable for PE.  No sandals, please.
“Outdoor shoes” are worn when arriving and departing, during recess and outdoor PE activities.  They should be suitable for the weather.

Foreign Language
This year three languages are on offer to your child: Russian, French or Spanish. They will have three World Language lessons per week. If you are a new family, please choose which language you would like your child to learn and let me know.

Swimming will start the first week with walkthroughs. Students will attend swimming classes with the aquatics staff (not during PE) during the time listed at the top of our class schedule.

Students will be dismissed at 3:30 pm.
Please make sure that we know who will be picking up your child or if he/she is riding a bus.

Please note that the learning space outside the classrooms is for student use and there will often be groups occupying this space up to the end of the day. This is not a pick up zone.

Please be prompt in meeting your child after school to avoid undue anxiety on the part of your child. Have a plan for where to meet. After 3:40 pm children who have not been picked up will be taken to the office.

Please write a note (paper or e-mail) if there are any changes in dismissal routine. If written notice is not received, your child will not be permitted to leave with anyone but the designated driver, nanny or parent. Thank you!

We are looking forward to a fun year of learning together in Second Grade!

Warm Regards,

The Grade 2 Team

Strings for Grades 2-3

Grades 2 and 3
Strings – Students in grade 2 and 3 are eligible to sign up for the private lesson program, where students receive one-to-one tuition with a private teacher. During these lessons, students learn the fundamentals in theory and how to play their chosen instrument. Instruments offered in the string program are Violin, Viola, and Cello. Sign up for private lessons begins on August 23rd. In order to participate in these lessons, students must either have their own instrument, or rent an instrument from school. If you are interested in private lessons you can sign up online via the music page on the school’s website.

Field Trip: Publishing House

Grade 2 has begun visiting the Nastya and Nikita Publishing House  (Настя и Никита) here is Moscow located by their children’s book shop at  Pokrovka Ulitza 11 (улица Покровка, 11).

Each class is taking a day to visit separately.  The visit connects to the unit of inquiry:  (How We Organize Ourselves:  Many products go through a process of change before they are consumed or used.)

During the tour the publishing house shares about the writing process of texts waiting for approval to the design of illustrations and book covers. We learn of different people or jobs that contribute to the final product such as the chief editor, illustrators and proof readers. We see a large uncut printed page as well as a draft for a page layout.  In the end our tour guide generously gave us the opportunity to design and write our own books!