Enjoy the long weekend! No school Monday and Tuesday for students. Happy Women’s Day to all of our first grade Moms!

Swimming – The AAS pool will be closed until further notice. On swimming days, please send your child to school in his/her PE uniform as the swim instructors will be leading them in indoor or outdoor games.

Friday is Crazy Hair Day! – The elementary student council has invited us to ‘wear’ our crazy hair on Friday, March 13th. 

Market Day! Please send some money with your child to support the Grade Three Market Day on Friday, March 13.

How We Express Ourselves – Creativity – We will be combining this unit of inquiry with the matter unit. When we move into this unit, students will use their knowledge about matter to create their own invention to solve a problem. Please kindly send in recyclable materials from home for this. We would like your continued help in collecting recyclable items such as the following:

  • Paper/toilet rolls
  • Egg cartons of any size or shape
  • Small boxes such as cereal boxes
  • Large and small milk and juice cartons, yogurt cartons (clean)
  • Fabric/yarn scraps, buttons, ribbon etc.
  • Cards, magazines (child friendly)

Writing – Punctuation!!! In writing we are continuing to enjoy some fun and expression-filled read-alouds and writing our own pieces using some expressive punctuation.

Math –  We will spend a great deal of time working to build our understanding of 2-digit numbers. Can we represent 2 digit numbers with drawings, tens and ones blocks, or coins? 

At home: Play the game Place Value Roll. Fold a blank paper in half and at the top left write “tens”, top left write “ones”. Roll the die (or pick a playing card – take out tens, jacks and kings, queens can be zeroes) and decide if you want that number to be in the tens place or the ones place. Your opponent does the same. Each player rolls the die again and places the number in the remaining spot. The highest number wins a point. Watch as your child develops strategies and thinks about the highest and lowest possible rolls and where best to put those numbers. More Challenge: Divide your paper into three columns labeled “hundreds” “tens” and “ones”. Use playing cards. When a player draws a card, he decides where to put it, but does so face down, so his opponent is unaware of his number until all three spots are filled and both players reveal.

Add the conference date to your calendar! – Friday, March 27 is a conference day for elementary students. Your child will come to school with you at your scheduled time. Your opportunity to schedule a conference time will be sent home via email, soon!

Important Dates:

Monday, March 9 – No school

Tuesday, March 10 No school for students (PD for teachers)

Friday, March 13th Crazy Hair Day and Market Day

Friday, March 27 Student Led Conferences – Formal Uniform

Wednesday, April 1 – Activities sign up for Term 4 begins

Thursday, April 2 Term 3 After School Activities ends

Tuesday, April 14 – Activities sign up for Term 4 ends

Monday, April 20Term 4 After School Activities begins

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