Friendship Day is Friday! – We will celebrate friendship day (Valentines Day) on Friday by delivering the cards your child prepared for his/her classmates. Thank you for helping your child with this at home. We are looking forward to sharing them. If you would like to send a treat to help us celebrate Friendship day, please let the teacher know. 

Friday is Red, White and Pink Day!  That’s right, there is another Spirit Day next week. Thanks for sending them dressed for the past or future today. Next Friday is dress in Red, White or Pink. The students can wear all three colors if they wish. We’re sure it will be a super day!

How the World Works – Materials – The first graders continue to investigate materials and their properties. Some classes have begun mixing liquids, combining solids and liquids, melting and freezing materials. Ask your child about the investigations that are happening in their room. This unit often inspires students to do some exploration at home. If your child does some “kitchen chemistry” please encourage him/her to share their investigations with photos/videos or bring in the results and tell us about it.

Writing – As we continue writing “How to” pieces, some of the students are beginning to stretch their writing by adding details or tips with some of their steps. In a “How to Make a Snowman” piece a student may write: Next roll the third snowball for the head.  Then he may add a detail or tip like this: You may need some help to lift it to the top. Ask your child about a step from one of his/her how to pieces. Can s/he think of a tip or detail to add to it?

Math –  We are working on time to the hour and half hour with the first graders. Telling time is a many-layered skill that can be difficult for children, but you can help by talking about times in the day and developing their concept of time. Where does the long hand point to when it’s half past? How long is a minute? What can I do in a minute? About how long is an hour? What can you compare an hour with? A movie is longer than an hour. We eat dinner in less than an hour. Encourage your child to set timers to measure time. How long does it take to: Get dressed for school? Drive to school? Brush my teeth? Read one chapter?  Walk to the park? Etc.

After School Activities – There is one more week of this activity session. The sign-up for new activities ends on Tuesday. New activities begin on Monday, February 24 – the first day back after the break! 

Important Dates:

Tuesday, February 11 – After school Activity Session 4 sign up ends

Thursday, February 13 – After School Activities Session 3 ends 

Friday, February 14 – First Grade Friendship day – Send in cards for your classmates

Friday, February 14 – Spirit Day: Red, White and Pink Day

February BreakNo School – from 17 February to 21 February, 2020

Monday,February 24 – School resumes

Monday, February 24 – New activities begin

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