Friday, January 31, 2019

How the World Works – materials –  We have been describing solids, liquids and gases as we have been looking at how people can manipulate and change materials. Ask your child how to describe solids, liquids and gases.  Is s/he using words like rough, smooth, hard, viscous, bubbly?

Writing –   The students are getting into their “How to” writing. Ask your child about the “how to” pieces s/he is writing. Can s/he tell you the steps using words like first, next, then, after that, finally, etc.? Is there a beginning “hook” to grab the reader and an ending sentence?

Reading – We are exploring nonfiction informational books in reading. If your child usually brings home fiction stories, encourage him/her to bring home some nonfiction books for their daily reading. 

Math – We are continuing our work on geometry. Sharing fairly has been a big topic in math this week. The students have explored the concept of fractions by focusing on sharing fairly. Have your child share fairly at home during meal times. S/he could cut a pizza or sandwiches into halves and quarters for the family. You can discuss the concept of parts and wholes. Challenge: Give your child a bag of skittles/peanuts or a chocolate bar and get them to share it fairly with all family members. Ask: What fraction did we each get?

Friendship Day is coming! – Friday, February 14 is Valentine’s day, but in first grade we are calling it Friendship day. We will celebrate friendships by asking every child to bring a card for each of his/her classmates. We are giving you some notice as your child may want to work on a few cards each day. More information about Friendship day as well as your child’s class list came home in the blue folder today.

Important Dates:

Friday, January 31 – Reports issued electronically

Wednesday, February 5 – After school Activity Session 4 sign up begins

Tuesday, February 11 – After school Activity Session 4 sign up ends

Thursday, February 13 – After School Activities Session 3 ends 

Friday, February 14 – First Grade Friendship day – Send in cards for your classmates

February BreakNo School – from 17 February to 21 February, 2020

Monday,February 24 – School resumes

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