Unit of Inquiry Expo –  It was great to see so many parents here for our Expo. Thank you for giving us your time, and allowing us to share our learning. Clearly, the first graders enjoyed having their parents at school and showing off their work. Maybe the expo gave you some ideas for holiday activities. Perhaps you might like to put together a timeline of events that take place during your holiday, or you might like to collect artifacts to remind you of your family experiences!

Wednesday, December 11 – Dress rehearsal for the Holiday Concert: We will have a concert dress rehearsal with photos, so please send your child to school in his/her formal uniform. Please also send in a change of clothes so that we can ask them to change straight after the rehearsal to help us keep their formal clothes clean for the actual performance the next day.

Book Fair Next Week – Your child brought home a small plastic money bag with information about next week’s book fair. Here are the days for the first grade class visits to the book fair: 

Tuesday, 10th December – 1DE

Wednesday, 11th December – 1HM, 1CR, 1AO

Holiday Concert – We are excited about our time on stage. Please join us for the grades 1-4 holiday concert on Thursday, 12th of December at 9:00 in the School Bolshoi Theater. The first graders will help you get into the spirit of the holidays as they will be on stage singing and playing.

Ice Skating Begins – All first graders are required to bring their skates and hats to school starting the 11th of December for a try-on and helmet fitting. We will not be on the ice in December, but the ice skates must be at school from 11th to 19th December to ensure your child is ready for the try on when the PE department is ready to do it within the above dates.  First day on ice in January for each class is written in the important dates below.

Writing – We are learning that poetry is often a short burst of emotion or action that might inspire a feeling or reaction from the reader. Ask your child about some of his poems and please share some poetry in your home language with your child.

Math –  The first graders are working on the number pairs to make 10. A great way to practice this is to use playing cards to play Tens Go Fish. All the cards (take out jacks and kings, queens are used as zeros) are face down in a pile. Each player takes 5 and checks his hand for any pairs that make 10 (2 and 8, 7 and 3, etc.) to lay on the table in front of him. The players take turns asking another player for a card he needs to make a ten. Dad do you have a 4? Yes, here you go. OR No, sorry go fish. If no, then the asking player draws a card from the pile. When the cards are all gone, the winner is the player with the most number pairs that make ten.

Leaving Early? If your child will not be in school each day through Thursday, December 19, please let the teacher know. This will assist our room parents in planning for our holiday celebration.

Important Dates:

Tuesday, December 10 to 12 – PTO New Book Fair – check for specific day above

Wednesday, December 11 – After School Activities Session 3: Sign Up begins

Wednesday, December 11 – Students wear formal uniform for concert rehearsal

Thursday, December 12 – Holiday Concert for Grade 1 to 4 from 9:00 to 9:45 am – Formal uniform

Thursday, December 12 – After School Activities Session 2 ends

Tuesday, December 17 – Due date for filled Taganka bag donations

Thursday, December 19 – Grade 1 Winter Holiday Party

Thursday, December 19 – Last day of school before Winter Break

Monday, January 13 – School resumes

1AO – First day on the ice is Monday, January 13.

1DE – First day on the ice is Monday, January 13.

1CR – First day on the ice is Tuesday, January 14.

1HM – First day on the ice is Thursday, January 16.

Monday, January 20 – After School Activities Session 3 begins

Thursday, February 13 – After School Activities Session 3 ends 


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