Friday, November 22, 2018

Conferences – See you on Thursday 28th November –  There is no school Thursday, instead please accompany your child to school at your scheduled time to discuss goals and progress with the teacher. If you have not scheduled a conference yet, please contact the elementary office to do so. Students wear formal uniforms for the conference.

Unit of Inquiry – As we get ready for the Grade 1 Expo, your child will be looking carefully at their artifacts to see if everything they brought in represents/explains parts of their life journey from birth to age 6/7. Your child might take some artifacts back home if they don’t want to include them and even opt to change them for something else from home they feel would better show a part of their life. Please help your child in this process.

Writing – The first graders have begun exploring poetry. Do you remember any poems that you learned or wrote in school? Can you still recite them?! Share some poetry in your home language with your child.

Math – As we have been working on all the number pairs that make 10, our next step is to use that knowledge to add 3 numbers.  Use playing cards to play Draw Three at home to practice this. Each player takes three cards and adds them. The partner with the highest number wins. What strategies does your child have for adding? At first s/he may count all of the dots. Then it is hoped they move on to putting the largest number in their head and counting on from there. Some may then begin recognizing numbers that go together easily like doubles and then counting on. Are they able to recognize pairs that make ten quickly and then add the third card? 

Save the Dates:

  1. First Grade Expo –  Thursday December 5th from 8:30 to 9:30, parents are invited to the Maly Theater at AAS as the first graders share their curated artifacts to give an insight into themselves as part of our units titled: Where We Are in Place and Time & Who We Are.  
  2. Holiday Concert – Thursday, December 12th from 9:00 to 9:45, the first graders will be on stage in the Bolshoi Theater at AAS, performing in their holiday concert. 

Important Dates:

Thursday, November 28 – Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences – No School

Thursday, December 5 – Grade 1 EXPO in the Maly Theater from 8:30 to 9:30 am

Tuesday, December 10 to 12 – PTO New Book Fair

Wednesday, December 11 – After School Activities Session 3: Sign Up begins

Thursday, December 12 – Holiday Concert for Grade 1 to 4 from 9:00 to 9:45 am

Thursday, December 12 – After School Activities Session 2 ends

Tuesday, December 17 – Due date for filled Taganka bag donations

Thursday, December 19 – Last day of school before Winter Break