Friday, 6th September, 2019

Wednesdays are a Late Start  – Please ensure your child is at school before 9:15am on Wednesday mornings. If the grade 1 classes have World Language first thing on a Wednesday, the students will be taken to the World Language classes at 9:15am promptly.  We kindly ask for your support in helping your child to be ready for each morning by being on time.

Journeys – As our unit begins in a couple of weeks, we will start the unit with a trip to the History Museum at the Kremlin. Our aim is to learn about how artifacts are organized and displayed. This experience will be used by the students as they will be working on curating a museum about themselves when we start the Who We Are unit too.

Learning Excursion – As part of our unit on Journeys, all of the first grade classes will be visiting the History Museum at the Kremlin on Wednesday, September 18. Permission slips have been sent home. As it is a small museum, we have been advised to keep the numbers small. This means that we will disperse the travel to the museum into two groups and parent volunteers will not be able to come on this particular trip. Please keep a lookout for future learning excursions where parents will have the opportunity to join.

Math – After our introductory work in math, we are ready to begin our first module with a focus on addition and subtraction to ten. Please check your child’s blue folder for the Eureka parent page (this is our main math resource). It will guide you through some of the work and vocabulary we will use with the students in this first math unit.

Reading – Your child has started to bring home reading books this week. Please keep in mind that your child is learning how to choose ‘Just Right’ books. In this process, s/he may bring home books that are a little easy to read or may choose ones that are too difficult to read. In both cases, you can support your child to enjoy books by encouraging him/her to read easy books with lots of expression and voice, so s/he develops the ability to add expression whilst reading books that are more manageable for him/her. If it’s a difficult book, please be a buddy to your child by reading to him/her. A love of books is what we aim to accomplish this year. Please don’t forget to encourage your child to make connections to characters and stories so they think about all the books they read. 

Yearbook Photos – Get out those formal uniforms and ties for our yearbook photos. Here are the dates for the first grade classes. Please wear the white button up shirt, blue trousers, skirt or dress, dark shoes, and ties on your picture day. Students are welcome to bring other shirts to change into after the photo if you wish. 

Here is your photo day:

1AO – Tuesday 10th September

1DE – Wednesday 11th September

1HM – Thursday 12th September

1CR – Friday 13th September

After School Activities Begin Monday – Please make sure your child, driver, nanny and bus company all are aware of changes in your child’s schedule. Children are brought to the cafeteria at 3:20 by their instructional assistants. The activity leaders will pick them up from the cafeteria. Some children use their lunch cards to buy a snack (pizza, juice, muffin etc.). Please let us know if you do not want your child using their lunch card after school.

Reminder: SPLASH is an activity that will require your child to be picked up by a family member and taken to the activity. We do not take responsibility for children who need to be chaperoned to the pool.

Mother-tongue classes – If your child is part of the Mother-tongue after school program, please let the teacher know which days s/he will be taking lessons.

Important Dates:

Saturday, September 7 – Fun Run & PTO Welcome BBQ

Monday, September 9 – After school activities start

Monday 9th to Friday 13th – Yearbook photos

Wednesday, September 18 – 1st Grade Learning Excursion to the Kremlin History Museum

Friday, September 20 – Parent/Teacher/Child goal setting conferences-formal uniform

Thursday, October 17 – After School Activities end

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