Friday, August 23, 2019

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First Week! – It has been great getting to know your children this first week of school. We look forward to working with you.

Change of Clothes – Please make sure your child has a spare change of clothes in his/her locker at school all the time. It does not have to be uniform, but it is necessary to ensure that accidents with uniforms can be changed immediately.

Plants – This is the title of our year long unit of inquiry and it is going to be a great way to start working together as we harvest our vegetables in the courtyard garden.

Routines – The first graders are met on the playground each day at 8:25 (except Wed – 9:10). The playground has adult supervision from 8:00. If you are bringing your child into the building, we ask that you help us with hallway congestion and remain in the student lounge area until 8:25. Thank you.

Library – Please check your child’s class schedule to see when his/her library books should be returned to school.

Swimming walk through next week! All first grade classes will be having a walk through the swimming area and have a run down of the swimming procedures and expectations next week. Your child’s teacher will email you with a reminder about the first actual swim lesson to start the year. Please make sure your child’s swim bag has a swimsuit, cap, goggles, towel and shoes for the deck – all labeled please.  As swimming lessons will fall on different days of the week, you may find it useful to keep your child’s swim bag at school. Your child will bring it home when s/he has used it, so that you can wash and dry the items. You can then send it back the next day to keep in your child’s locker.

Here are our swimming days:

1DE – Day 3

1AO – Day 4

1CR – Day 5

1HM – Day 6

After School Activities – Sign up for activities begins on 28th of August. 

Please look for the Penguin Life link in next Wednesday’s School Newsletter to sign up.

Important Dates:

Tuesday, August 28  – After school activity sign-up begins

Monday, September 9 – After school activities start

Friday, September 20 –  Conferences – Parent/Teacher/Child goal setting conferences- formal uniform

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