Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Goodbye – The end of the school year in International schools like ours can be a mix of emotions. We happily celebrate the conclusion of a year of learning and growing, but we also sadly say goodbye to some of our friends who are moving on to new places. Best of luck to all of the first grade families who will be moving on to new countries, homes, and schools. Your friends at AAS will miss you!

Grade One Party – Thank you to our room parents for organizing and to all who contributed to our grade one end-of-year celebration on Tuesday. The kids (and teachers!) enjoyed the relaxed pace.

Thank you Parents! – Thank you parents for  . . . daily reading with your child, sending treats in, tying skates, drying hair after swimming, packing snacks and lunches, volunteering on field trips, joining us for our expo, coming to conferences and concerts, volunteering at school events, organizing and participating in grade one celebrations, and for being your child’s first and best teacher. We appreciate all you have done this school year. THANK YOU!

Sharing the Planet – Plants – The courtyard garden is growing and beginning to produce some vegetables. The kindergarten will be donating the carrots, beans, potatoes and squash that are harvested to a local charity as part of their service learning. We were happy to be able to be part of their project. The school’s caretaker will look after it in the summer and we hope to see some of the fruits or our labors when we return in August.  

Writing – Our final writing unit on informational or “All About” books introduced the students to nonfiction formats. The emphasis has been on text features like headings, table of contents, labeled drawings, and some may have even included an index or glossary. Although our facts may not be entirely accurate, look for these text features when your child shares his/her work.

Reports  – Your child’s report will be issued electronically tomorrow afternoon. We have recently changed the software that we use for report cards, so they will have a slightly different layout. On the latest reports, we are unable to select a mark that is between approaching, meeting, or beyond meeting. Read the teacher comments to fully understand your child’s progress.

Summer Slide? It is often the case that students lose a little of the gains they have made when they have an extended time away from school. It is easy to avoid this “summer slide” by encouraging your child to read a bit each day. Most adults would be happy to have a quiet time to read for enjoyment, so why not have a regular family DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) time. For writing, encouraging natural opportunities to write like shopping lists, letters to relatives, a journal (paper or electronic) of my adventures or collections, a poem about an event are great ways to keep abreast of writing skills. And of course, we always recommend you get out the playing cards, dice, and dominoes so children can practice skills and build number sense while playing games.

Enjoy the summer! – Safe journeys to all who are traveling!

Important Dates:

Thursday, June 20 – Last day, Closing ceremony at 11:00, Dismissal at 12:00, Reports issued electronically in the afternoon

Monday, August 19 – Open House – Meet your new teacher and learn about second grade

Tuesday, August 20 – First day of Second Grade

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