Friday, May 31, 2019

Spirit Day – We all looked very sporty today! Thanks for helping your child participate in our spirit day!

Botanical Gardens Trip – Thank you to the chaperones who joined 1DE and 1TM at the Botanical Gardens on Wednesday. It was a great day out!

Sharing the Planet – Plants – We are enjoying exercising our “green thumbs” with the potted plants in our classrooms and the space we have in the courtyard garden. We are learning that our garden plants require regular weeding and watering. Between our classrooms and the garden we have planted marigolds, mint, squash, beans and more. Ask your child about his/her plants and how they are doing. Field Trip! As part of our plant unit the first grade classes will be visiting the Bee Apiary in Kuzminiki Park on Tuesday, June 11. Please sign and return the permission slip your child brought home.

Writing – As we begin to delve more deeply into our informational or “all about” books, the first graders are experimenting with text features they might include in their books. Ask your child about the book they are working on – Are there headings or chapters? Will your book have a table of contents?  

Math – Practice adding strategies with playing cards. Each player draws 3 cards and adds them. The player with the highest number wins. This can be a challenge for some at first. Watch what strategies your child uses to add. Is he counting all of the spots? Is he putting the largest number in his head and then counting on. Is he recognizing pairs that make ten or doubles to make adding easier?  Is he thinking about ten when adding a nine? Need more challenge: Draw four cards, include the face cards Jack=11, Queen=12, King=13.

Activities are Finished – All after school activities finished this week. (Mother Tongue classes continue as usual.) Please make sure that your first grader and all concerned with pick-up times are aware of your child’s schedule changes.

Goodbye Playground – Today all of the students had an opportunity to say goodbye to our playground. Each grade-level posed for photos as they had their last playtime with the old equipment. In these last few weeks we will play on the field, greentop, and courtyard. We will be very excited when we return in August to see our new playground.

Morning Playground Schedule – Now our playground will be off limits at all times. So when the children arrive at school in the morning between 8:00 – 8:25 (Wednesdays 8:45-9:10), they leave their bags against the wall in the tunnel and then go down to the field. Children who normally come into the school with parents or bus monitors and drop their bags in the hallway outside the classroom will continue to do this and then go to the field. We will pick the children up on the field. If it is raining, children should go to the South Cafeteria as usual.

Important Dates:

No after school activities next week.

All library books should be returned next week.

Tuesday, June 11 – Field Trip to the Bee Apiary

Friday, June 14 – Summer Field Day – dress for an extended time outside – please apply sunscreen at home

Thursday, June 20 – Last day, Closing ceremony at 11:00, Dismissal at 12:00, Reports issued electronically

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